iPhone 13 Pro-inspired Apple Watch Pro to launch next month

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iPhone 13 Pro-inspired Apple Watch Pro to launch next month

 Rumor has claimed that Apple will update its Series 8 portfolio to include a new Apple Watch Pro model with a flat screen and a completely redesigned exterior.

According to some rumours, an upgraded Apple Watch Series 8 and the existing Watch SE will be joined by a new Apple Watch Pro model this fall. The rumoured Apple Watch Pro is the latest model, which is bigger and more durable than the others and is designed for more active users.

In comparison to the Watch 6, the screen on the Watch 7 is 20% bigger, and the glass is somewhat more curved at the corners. The first redesign since 2018 was reportedly included in the Apple Watch Pro, however it did not have flat sides.

According to earlier rumours, the watch will be made of titanium and cost between $900 and $999. Temperature sensors may possibly be a feature of the Watch Series 8 and the more durable Apple Watch Pro. Apple’s upcoming watches are said to be powered by the S8 processor, which is predicted to be identical to the S7 and S6 CPUs.

Sources claim that Apple thinks so because the Apple Watch Pro will be a continuation of the “One More Thing” tradition started by Steve Jobs in 1999, when he would wait until the end of an event to make significant remarks. Even the original Apple Watch got the One More Thing treatment in 2014. The most recent One More Thing was the iPhone X, which was the first iPhone to feature a notch.

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