iOS 16 Beta 6 Is Rolling Out To Developers With Couple Of Changes & bug Fixes

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iOS 16 Beta 6 Is Rolling Out To Developers With Couple Of Changes & bug Fixes

The most recent iteration of the iOS 16 beta is now available. Just one week after iOS 16 beta 5 was made accessible to developers, iOS 16 beta 6 was made available. Updates to the Lock Screen, new wallpaper selections, and other tweaks have all come with iOS 16.

iOS 16 Beta 6 & iPadOS 16 Are Available To Download Now

Everyone is aware that the most recent iOS 16 beta typically comes with several updates, bug fixes, and new features. Apple, a major player in technology, has decided to closely monitor the comments that users of the iOS 16 beta have to offer. Every beta after that seeks to fix concerns, bug reports, and performance problems.

It’s important to note that iOS 16 beta 6 is currently accessible to the general public. The time between the release of a developer beta and a public beta is typically very long. But at the moment, this is not the case. The public can also access the most recent version. The company is now concentrating on stability and fixing faults. Considering that Apple is closer to its new iPhone software’s anticipated September rollout. Just prior to the release of the new iPhone series, the business normally releases its complete iOS upgrade. The iPhone 14 is rumoured to be the focus of Apple’s upcoming annual fall product announcement on September 6, according to a recent web rumour.

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Toggling off the battery percentage indicator in Low Power Mode

The ability to show the amount of battery life left in the status bar was reinstated in iOS 16 beta 5. This function was present in earlier iPhone models but was removed with the release of the iPhone X in 2017. To view the battery %, all iPhone users must swipe into the control centre.

The business has now reintroduced this feature with a new twist. When your phone is in Low Power mode, you’ll be able to disable the percentage indication. By selecting Battery in the Settings app, you can see the battery percentage indication. Two toggles may be found at the top of the other screen; one turns on the battery percentage, and the other low Power Mode will be turned on by others.

Live Activity widget

A Live Activity widget is a type of widget that Apple has in mind. It is basically a widget that will remain at the bottom of your lock screen, keeping you informed of any changes, including persistent alerts like sports scores and the status of ride-sharing vehicles. Apple stated that the Live Activities feature would launch in a subsequent release.

iOS 16 has promised a variety of updates to apps including Maps, Safari, Mail, and Messages in addition to the option to customise your iPhone lock screen. Now, Live Text can extract text from paused videos. Additionally, the Visual Look Up tool has been enhanced to enable you to copy and paste the topic in photographs after removing them from the photo’s foreground. background. One of Siri’s great features is her ability to identify emojis even when you’re dictating texts and emails.

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You can still download the public beta version of iOS 16 if you haven’t already done so. Any iPhone 8 or later will do.

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