Internet Services Finally Restored in Pakistan: PTA

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Internet Services Finally Restored in Pakistan: PTA

 Good news for Pakistani internet users. Internet access has effectively been restored in the nation, according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. The data network issues that led to the internet outage in Pakistan have now been fixed.

Internet Services Finally Restored in Pakistan: PTA

Almost all Pakistani Internet customers had trouble accessing the service in the morning, which caused a widespread outage. The main Internet Service Providers PTCL, Stormfiber, cybernet, Ufone, and Mobilink Jazz were among those impacted by the Internet outage in Pakistan, which happened at 7:00 a.m. before the start of office hours.

The mainstream media did not cover Pakistan’s Internet outage, which directly affects the country’s banking sector as a whole. Almost all Internet service providers’ (ISPs’) customers complain on Twitter. PTCL wrote on its official Twitter account,

The optical fibre network of PTCL is having some technical issues as a result of the recent flooding and severe rainfall. Users of PTCL in the Northern and Central regions are consequently experiencing Internet outages. Our employees are working diligently to get the services back online.

Users can now access the internet without being interrupted because the problem has now been fixed.

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