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Instagram ‘Not interested’ Button For Explore Section Is Under Testing

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Instagram ‘Not interested’ Button For Explore Section Is Under Testing

 In order to better the user experience, Instagram keeps adding new features. Instagram developers have recently been working on a new feature that will enable users to designate multiple posts in the Explore section of the app as “Not interested.” They will have more control over suggested content thanks to the Instagram “Not Interested” button.

Instagram ‘Not Interested’ Button Will Let You Control Suggested Posts

In a blog post, Instagram said that users would soon be able to flag a number of posts as “not interested.” Additionally, it will promptly remove the identified postings, and the platform will stop displaying similar information moving forward. Additionally, Instagram is developing a function that will permit users to snooze suggested posts for a period of up to 30 days. To remove suggested posts from the timeline, all Instagram users must click the X button next to each one.

Additionally, it appears that the firm is attempting to filter out postings that contain particular words, emojis, phrases, and hashtags in the caption. It is a highly useful feature that will undoubtedly be useful if you are you may not be interested in some topics or just not want them to appear in your feed. Instagram will soon give users the option to control how much sensitive content they see on the site.

Instagram will give posts that it believes the user might be interested in priority in order to better understand the user’s interests. For instance, the platform may display more posts from a specific account if you have added it to your “Favorites.” Users of Instagram will now receive access to a special favourites feed where they may view posts from profiles they have added in reverse chronological order. In order to improve customer experience in the near future, the company is testing a number of new features.

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