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Instagram is copying BeReal for its next feature

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Instagram is copying BeReal for its next feature

 To stay current and give users the best content, Instagram continually adding new features and updates. There are strong similarities between the new feature “Candid Challenges” being developed by the company and BeReal, which raises the possibility that Instagram is imitating BeReal with this planned feature.

BeReal app’s features

A popular photo-sharing app among Generation Z, BeReal, currently holds the #1 spot in the Apple App Store. It is promoted as an authentic selfie app and a plausible substitute for popular social media sites. Users are reminded and encouraged to snap pictures using the front- and rear-facing cameras at any time of day by this app. These alerts and reminders appear for two minutes before disappearing. Users may later browse the images that their friends shared that day.

Instagram “Candid Challenge” features

Reverse engineering app developer Alessandro Paluzzi made the discovery, and Instagram verified it by stating that the company is working on the new feature in an internal prototype but still steadfastly refusing to provide any other information. Regarding the elements of Candid Challenge’s functionality, he tweeted:

Instagram is developing IG Candid Challenges, a function that was inspired by the BeReal App. Embrace other people’s IG Candids in your story tray. Receive a notice to take and share a photo in two minutes each day at a different time.

The internal prototype for Instagram revealed that the information and speculations are true and that the business is attempting to copy the other app’s features. Additionally, it will remind users to take their within two minutes, take pictures using both the front- and back-facing cameras, and upload them. For that time period, the offer will expire if they don’t take images and post them. After a few hours, the prompt will be issued once more.

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Since there are many competitors, Meta must provide users new features and updates to keep them using the programme rather than alternative social networking apps if it wants to maintain its market share.

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