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Instagram adds More Options to content settings for teens

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Instagram adds More Options to content settings for teens

 In an effort to continue improving and securing its platform, Instagram has launched a new feature that sets new accounts for users under the age of 16 to “Less” stringent settings for controlling sensitive information. Teenagers who are new to the platform will be affected by this action, but those who are already using Instagram will receive push notifications encouraging them to choose more stringent filtering options so they can control what they see in search, Explore, Hashtag Pages, Reels, Feed Recommendations, and Suggested Accounts. The organisation has attempted to reach individuals of all ages while offering various content options for teens.

The “Less” option tightens the limitation while the “Standard” settings allow users to view sensitive content that has been judged inappropriate. Users can view more obscene stuff by selecting “More.” Teenagers can only access “Standard” and “Less,” whereas adults aged 18 and above have access to “Standard,” “Less,” and “More.”

New Content Settings for Teens Makes Platform More Secure

In addition, Instagram is introducing teen-friendly prompts that indicate who can interact with their content. With the fundamental objective of preventing users from accessing potentially hazardous and inappropriate content suggested on the explore page, the “Sensitive Content Control” feature was introduced in July 2021. Sex workers, tattoo artists, and the cannabis business all complained about this new endeavour since it eliminated them from the stream of suggestions if their accounts or content were reported.

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The business intends to add more secure features like these to Instagram. Parental Controls also made their platform debut in March to assist parents and guardians in keeping an eye on their children’s activities.

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