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How to Watch YouTube Videos on PS5

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How to Watch YouTube Videos on PS5

 The most recent gaming console from the Sony network, the PlayStation 5, makes it simple to play top-tier games on a TV. In addition to playing games, the PS5 allows users to install streaming apps and watch media. On your PS5, you can download one of them, YouTube, which will let you watch videos. If you have a YouTube premium account, you can watch the videos without advertisements. The monthly cost of the family plan is $17.99, compared to the monthly cost of the basic membership of $11.99

How to Watch YouTube Videos on PS5

The PlayStation 5 comes with a pre-installed version of YouTube. To launch the app, press the YouTube button on the PS5 Media remote. If you can’t find the software in the Media section or if you uninstalled it accidentally, you can simply reinstall it from the PlayStation store.

  1. A WiFi network must be active for the PlayStation 5.
  2. From the Games section, launch the PlayStation Store.
  3. Enter the Search field.
  4. To search YouTube, use the keyboard that appears on the screen.
  5. Select the YouTube app from the Media menu.
  6. Tap the Download button, then hold off until the PS5 app has done downloading.
  7. Return to the home screen now, and click the Media tab to launch the YouTube app.

To sync your viewing with the app connect it to your Google account to access history and other info across devices. Even if your Google account isn’t linked, you can still watch videos.

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How to Fix YouTube Crashing or Not Working on PS5

The error is most usually caused by issues with internet access. In the event that the programme freezes or fails to load the videos, immediately resolve the problem using basic troubleshooting procedures.

  1. Make sure your internet connection is dependable and strong before trying to watch YouTube videos.
  2. Take a look at the YouTube server. If it’s down or undergoing maintenance, wait.
  3. Restart your PS5, then try once again.
  4. After removing it first, reinstall YouTube.
  5. Change the DNS configuration.
  6. Update the PS5 software and the YouTube app to the latest recent releases.

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