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How to Unhide a Facebook Post? Two Techniques

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How to Unhide a Facebook Post? Two Techniques

 324 million people use Facebook worldwide. One of these users is us. We add updates, pictures, events, and other content to our Facebook timeline or wall. On Facebook, posts can be hidden, as is well known. We will look at how to unhide a post on Facebook in this article.

How to Unhide Posts on Facebook?

You might decide at some point to reveal posts that have been hidden on Facebook. As you can see, hiding a Facebook post is not a tough task, and unhiding a Facebook post is also not difficult. Here, I will explain how to reveal a Facebook post that has been hidden.

Using the Facebook app on your smartphone or the Facebook website on your laptop or desktop, you can unhide a post on Facebook. Let’s look at how to make a Facebook post visible.

Unhide a post on Facebook using the Android app

Follow these easy methods to reveal a hidden Facebook post on a mobile device:

  • Open Facebook on your smartphone.
  • In the bottom right corner of the screen, tap the triple bar or three horizontal lines ().
  • Select the “Settings & Privacy” link by swiping down.
  • Click the Settings button when the Settings menu appears.
  • Once more, scroll down and look for the “Activity log” option, then choose it.
  • Click the “Category” link at the top.
  • Choose the “Hidden From timeline” option from the selection of options.
  • The list includes the posts that you have hidden. Click the three dots (…) that are present there.
  • The post will become visible once you click “Show on timeline.”
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Facebook post using the web browser to make it visible again

To reveal postings on Facebook, just follow these easy steps:

  • You may log into your Facebook account using a web browser.
  • Visit your “Profile.”
  • The “Activity Log” button
  • Select the “Hidden from timeline” option from the list of choices on the screen’s left side.
  • Reach the post you want to unhide by scrolling through your list of hidden posts.
  • To the top-right of that post, select the crossed-circle option.
  • Your assignment is finished after “Allowed on timetable” is chosen.

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