How to turn off autoplay on YouTube

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How to turn off autoplay on YouTube

 When you want to view videos continually on YouTube without having to click anything, autoplay is a useful tool. Here’s how to turn the feature off because it can occasionally be a hassle. Despite TikTok’s popularity, YouTube is still one of the finest places to watch a variety of long and short-form video material online.

The website includes an autoplay option that makes watching content extra simpler because it will queue up videos connected to the one you’re watching and start playing them as soon as the current video is over.

If you don’t want to have to click or tap each time you want to watch a new movie, the feature can be rather helpful. However, it can also be if it keeps playing content you don’t want to see or you want to stay on the same page after the video is over, it can be annoying.

How to turn off YouTube autoplay on mobile

Fortunately, disabling autoplay is a straightforward procedure if you change your mind about using it. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Activate the YouTube app.
  2. Select a video.
  3. To display the options, tap the screen.
  4. To disable autoplay, locate the slider at the top that has the play button on it and tap it once. It ought to have a pause button that can be used to stop the feature.

How to turn off YouTube autoplay on your computer

The process of turning off autoplay on your computer and phone are very similar. Just carry out these actions.

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  1. Activate the YouTube website.
  2. Select a video.
  3. Use your mouse to move the menu bar to the bottom of the video.
  4. To disable autoplay, click the slider that has a play button on it. When turned off, it ought to display the pause icon.

While you can always choose to turn off autoplay for a particular video, doing so might ultimately be more practical.

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