How to Take Backup and Download your Blogger Blog

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How to Take Backup and Download your Blogger Blog

 You’ve come to the right place if you’re wanting to download the content of your Blogspot blog. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the quick steps needed to create a PC backup of your Blogger blog.

Reasons why you should consider taking backup of your Blogger Website

  • The security purpose is the main and most critical factor. I occasionally overhear folks discussing how their website or blog has been hacked or assaulted. A long back, someone broke into one of my friends’ Blogger accounts, stole all the content from the blog, and even erased it off the domain, causing him to lose his entire website. Even if this hasn’t occurred to you yet, it’s still best to be careful and keep a copy of your blog’s material online.
  • You frequently need to make modifications to the code of your design or theme, which is another typical reason to create a backup of your blogspot website. Before making any modifications to your website template, it is generally advisable to download the template. If the new changes you made to your blogger website broke something, you can quickly go back to the prior version.

Before installing the new template or theme, it is usually a good idea to make a backup of your current theme if you are thinking about using a different template.

Read this how-to tutorial to learn how to migrate your Blogger blog to a WordPress website that is self-hosted if you want to do it quickly and easily.

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Download Blogger Blog Completely on your Computer

The “Blog Content” and “Blog Template” are the two main components of your Blogger blog.

It’s a good idea to download and use both of these ways if you want to make a complete backup of your blogger blog. I will go over both of them in this Blogger lesson. So, adhere to the instructions listed below.

Backup your Blogger blog content first

  • If you haven’t already, check in to your blogger dashboard first.
  • Navigate to Settings -> Others on the dashboard.
  • Click Back up Content, which is located immediately below Import & back up.
  • This will cause a popup to appear, showing the content backup as it downloads.
  • When you select Save to your Computer, the.xml file is downloaded and saved on your computer (generally in the downloads folder).

Blogger Backup Template

  • Open the Blogger dashboard and log in.
  • Visit the Theme area.
  • The Backup/Restore button is located in the top-right corner. Press this button.
  • A window for theme backup/restore will appear.

  • In order to obtain a backup of your Blogger theme, click the Download theme option.
  • By doing so, the theme will begin to download and be saved to your computer.

I appreciate you reading this. Please let me know in the comments below if you encounter any difficulties downloading your Blogger blog.

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