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How to Reset Google Home Mini & Nest Mini

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How to Reset Google Home Mini & Nest Mini

 Google Mini is one of the company’s devices that acts as a personal assistant in your home. It is a smart speaker that is comparable to the Google Assistant on Android smartphones. It has the ability to play music online, listen to the news, and set reminders. You can personalise your Google Home Mini using the Google Home app. This smart speaker periodically has issues, including failing to play music, failing to understand voice commands, switching off Bluetooth, etc. To fix this problem, you can completely reset the Google Home Mini to its factory settings.

How to Reset Google Home Mini Ist Generation

  1. Using light pressure, flip the Google Home Mini speaker over in your hand.
  2. On the bottom of your speaker, there is a tiny button that you can see.
  3. Hold it for five seconds while gently pressing. You will hear the announcement “You are about to Completely reset Google Home.” The face of your Mini device will be orange-lit.
  4. After hearing it, hold the button down for another five seconds.
  5. If you keep pressing the reset button for ten seconds, you will hear a tone. Press the button as soon as you hear it.
  6. Hold off until the reset process is complete.
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How to Reset Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation (Google Nest Mini)

  1. Take your Google Nest Mini in your hand to turn off the microphone. The Nest Mini will notify you if the Mic is switched off.
  2. Now an orange pulsing light will be visible on top of the Nest Mini.
  3. You must now place your finger over the Nest Mini’s LEDs in order to turn off the sensors.
  4. Holding on for five seconds will trigger a Nest Mini notification indicating the device is going to undergo a complete reset. revoke to release
  5. After five more gentle seconds of holding the sensors, you will hear a chime. When you hear the sound, let go of your finger.
  6. The firmware reset procedure will commence on the Nest Mini.

How to Factory Reset Google Home Mini Without Button?

  1. If you experienced trouble resetting the Google Home Mini via the button, you can accomplish it by
  2. After unplugging the Google Home Mini, wait ten seconds before plugging it back in.
  3. When the LED lights on your Google Home Mini begin to flash, keep an eye on them.
  4. Repeat the action ten more times.
  5. On the final occasion, the device will automatically reset to factory settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Reset WiFi on Google Home Mini?

Open the Google Home app on the computer or mobile device that you used to associate with the Google Home Mini speaker. Make your Google Home Mini speaker selection. To forget your network, go to Settings WiFi. The Google Home app’s home screen will show up on the screen. Install your Google Home Mini on the new WiFi network at this point.

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How to reset Google Home Mini no button?

Typically, the FDR button for reset is included with the initial edition of Google Home Mini. The Mic On/Off button was used to reset the second generation (Nest Mini).

How to reset the Google Home Mini WiFi password?

  • Select your device by opening the Google Home app.
  • Click WiFi, then select the Show Password option.
  • Select Edit, then type the new password.
  • Restore the changes.

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