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How to make create Payoneer Account in Pakistan 2022

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How to make create Payoneer Account in Pakistan 2022

 A payment gateway called Payoneer enables customers to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. You have probably heard of this site if you work as a freelancer. This article is for independent contractors who are unable to access their funds because they lack a Payoneer account. To withdraw money from freelancing websites like Freelancer, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Fivver, and others, you must first register for an account.

You can use Payoneer’s fantastic account, which has many wonderful features, to make cash withdrawals from any ATM worldwide, including those in Pakistan. Due to its affordable fees and simplicity of use, Payoneer is a fantastic choice for independent contractors. Due to this, freelancers prefer Payoneer to other payment methods. Payoneer provides banking as well services that make it easy for you to purchase items online and pay using Payoneer using a straightforward procedure.

How to Setup a Payoneer Account?

The website for Payoneer makes opening an account straightforward ( For new users, Payoneer also offers a fantastic pricing! A new customer will get a free $25 when they sign up for the first time. What are you people waiting for then? Just complete the steps listed below to sign up and get a free $25!

  1. Open the browser on your PC.
  2. Visit to access the official Payoneer website.
  3. To begin, click “Sign Up & Earn $25.”
  4. With the most recent data from your CNIC account, complete the form.
  5. You will then complete the Contact Information section.
  6. Security Information comes next. Among other things, you will need to enter your password, security question, and national ID.
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You are nearly finished and have almost reached the process’s conclusion. You must provide your bank’s name, branch’s name, account name, account number, SWIFT/BIC code, and other information during this phase.

How to Activate your Payoneer Account?

You will need to wait at least 24 days after completing the registration process for your Payoneer account to arrive via standard mail, or you can choose the premium option. If you select the premium option, Payoneer will transmit your account by DHL within 7 days.

Once you have your Payoneer account, simply follow the instructions below to activate it so you can start getting paid from all freelance websites.

  • Log into your account at, use your smartphone to scan the QR code, and then
  • Log into your account at, use your smartphone to scan the QR code, and then

  US: +1-888-802-4442 UK: +44-203-695-2668 Worldwide: 1-646-386-2392

Before applying for a Payoneer account, keep the following points in mind:

An online payment gateway called Payoneer Master only permits one account per person. Therefore, you must follow all of their guidelines and refrain from spamming their system before applying. With all of your legal documentation, complete the registration form.

Keep in mind that you need your legal documents in order to register yourself. A person cannot be spammed due to their rules and regulations. By making the most moral use of the system, you may help Pakistan prosper in the internet world.

The steps to create your Payoneer account are now complete.


This article explains how to create a Payoneer account in Pakistan in 2021. if this article was enjoyable. If you liked this article, please tell your friends about it. We will be of great assistance to you if you leave queries in the comments section about anything in this page.

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