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How to Hide My YouTube Subscribers?

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How Can I Hide My YouTube Subscribers?

Have you ever come across a YouTube channel where the subscriber count is hidden? Naturally, some YouTube channels keep their subscriber count a secret from the general public. Do you want to know how to hide YouTube subscribers?

When launching a YouTube channel, content producers start with 0 subscribers and work their way up to millions. Growing from a cypher to a star displays your self-assurance.

You should not feel bad about your channel’s lower subscriber count. Does the number of YouTube subscribers matter?

Are you unsure that you can get 1000 YouTube subscribers and 4,000 hours of views? You can conceal your YouTube subscribers if that applies to you.

I concur; some subscribers favour popular channels over those that are expanding. It is as a result of their brand loyalty.

  • Do not really stress over that.
  • Your brand can be developed.
  • Continue publishing on YouTube and producing high-quality content.

You can read our article on hiding your YouTube followers for more information. This piece offers advice on the subject.

Can You Hide Subscriber Count on YouTube?

Yes, vloggers can keep their YouTube subscriber numbers a secret from the public.

Can you keep your YouTube subscribers a secret from your viewers and rivals?

Should I Hide My Subscriber Count on YouTube?

Since they have enough followers to entice potential subscribers, many producers choose not to display their YouTube subscriber numbers.

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To hide or not to hide is entirely up to you. Not the reason some YouTubers conceal their subscriber count.

Can YouTube subscribers be hidden? What do you think?

How to Hide YouTube Subscribers?

  • To hide the YouTube subscriber count, follow these instructions.
  • Enter your YouTube login information.
  • Visit a YouTube channel instead.
  • the YouTube Studio website.
  • Press the Settings button.
  • There will be a pop-up. Press the Channel button.
  • The Advance Settings tab should be selected.
  • For the subscriber count, scroll below.
  • Uncheck the option to show how many people have subscribed to my channel.
  • The Save button will turn on.
  • To save the changes, click the Save button.

Alternative Method for Hiding YouTube Subscriber Count

Here is the actual URL to the YouTube advanced settings page where you can hide the subscriber count. Click this link, uncheck the box next to “Subscriber count,” and then save your changes.

When visiting your YouTube channel after completing all the steps, you cannot see the number of subscribers. Just that.

How to Hide Subscriber Count on YouTube in Mobile?

The number of subscribers would not show up on mobile or desktop once you’ve hidden YouTube subscribers from your channel. Therefore, no one can view the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel.

How to See Hidden Subscriber Count on YouTube?

Maybe there isn’t a way to view a YouTube channel’s concealed subscriber count.

To view a YouTube channel’s metrics, go to a service like Social Blade.

You may get a sense of how many subscribers this channel has from it.

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On YouTube, you may now hide the subscriber count. Do not forget to tell your friends about this content.


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