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How to Change Email Address On Instagram [Mobile & Desktop]

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How to Change Email Address On Instagram [Mobile & Desktop]

 The most widely used social media platform that people choose is Instagram. With people all around the world, you may share captivating events, images, and videos in the form of reels. Instagram is used by businesses, in addition to individuals, to advertise their goods or websites. An email address or password must be provided while signing up for Instagram. The email address is crucial if you wish to change your Instagram password. You will have problems receiving the verification code if you entered an inactive email address. Therefore, it’s imperative to update or replace your Instagram account’s email address to one that is currently operational.

Quick Instructions: Launch Instagram, press your profile icon, select Edit Profile, click on Personal Information Settings, choose Email, type in the new address, and then confirm the email address.

How to Change Email Address on Instagram [Android & iPhone]

  1. Open the Instagram app and confirm that you are signed in.
  2. Click the Profile icon on the home screen.
  3. Select “Edit Profile” from the menu.
  4. At the bottom, click Personal information settings.
  5. Simply tap the active email address.
  6. Enter the new email address you want and then delete the old one.
  7. Click or press the checkmark in the top left corner after entering your email address (iPhone – click on the Done option).
  8. Open your entered email account after closing the app.
  9. Locate and open the email from Instagram.
  10. The Confirm Email Address button should be clicked.
  11. I’m done now. Your Instagram (IG) account’s email address has been successfully changed.
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How to Change Email Address on Instagram [Desktop]

  1. Visit and use the required information to sign into your account.
  2. Select the Profile option by tapping your profile symbol.
  3. Go to the Email Address area and remove the current one from here.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, click the Submit button after entering the desired new email address.
  5. To finish the procedure, open the email you received from Instagram and confirm your email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I can’t change my email address in Instagram?

It might be a result of the app’s current temporary bug. To modify the email address, force the programme to shut and then restart it. Additionally, make sure you have the right email address provided.

How to change the email address on Instagram without logging in?

When you log out of your IG account, you cannot modify the email ID.

How to change the phone number on Instagram?

On Instagram, you may alter your phone number similarly to your email address by going to your profile page and selecting Edit profile Personal information settings Phone. Enter the new phone number, press Next, type the verification code, and then save the adjustments.

How to change the recovery email for an Instagram account?

Unlike Facebook, your Instagram profile can only have one configured email address. So, your Instagram account does not have a primary or secondary email address.

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