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How to Change Bitmoji Gender [2 Ways]

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How to Change Bitmoji Gender [2 Ways]

 Most people are familiar with Bitmoji, particularly Snapchat users. Bitmoji is a feature that enhances the joy and excitement of using social media. You can quickly construct your own Bitmoji and change its gender to suit your needs. With varied skin tones, haircuts, clothing, and body shapes, you can alter your appearance. Additionally, you can include extras like glasses, caps, makeup, shoes, and other accessories. Most people occasionally select the incorrect gender when making their Avatar bitmoji. You can alter the Bitmoji’s gender through the Bitmoji or Snapchat apps by altering the other physical things.

Steps to Change Bitmoji Gender Through Bitmoji App

  • Your smartphone’s Bitmoji app should be opened. Install the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store if it isn’t already on your smartphone.
  • Open the app, then enter your login information to access your account.
  • Click Settings in the menu at the top of the screen.
  • Go to Settings and select My Data.
  • Next, select Reset Avatar.
  • On your screen, a confirmation pop-up will display. Click Confirm.
  • To reset your Bitmoji, click OK.
  • Create a bitmoji now and modify the gender to reflect your preferences.
  • Steps to Change Bitmoji Gender Through Snapchat

  • On your smartphone, open the Snapchat app and tap the Profile symbol.
  • Select Bitmoji under Settings in the upper right corner.
  • Then select Unlink My Bitmoji from the menu.
  • On the confirmation pop-up, select Unlink.
  • Return to your Snapchat profile and press Create my Bitmoji while selecting the appropriate gender to begin producing the new Bitmoji.
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Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I get more Bitmoji options on Snapchat?

Open the app on your smartphone, then select Bitmoji under Recommended under Profile, Gear, and Settings. Finally, you may obtain new personalization capabilities for Bitmoji.

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