How to Add New Voices Into Your Blog Using the Magic of Interviews

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How to Add New Voices Into Your Blog Using the Magic of Interviews

Blogging is a fantastic method to promote your small business online and share your knowledge. Whether you manage a clothing store, tourism agency, or software development firm, it is true. Your voice should be the dominant one on your blog. However, including others as interview subjects or guest bloggers can liven up your writing and provide your readers access to new information.

It’s acceptable if you have never done an interview. A fantastic place to start is with your interviewee’s mutual interest. Here are some additional pointers to help you have a productive chat and combine some new information into your blog.

Know Your Audience

Make sure you have a solid knowledge of what your audience wants to know before deciding who to ask for an interview. Then, keep your readers in mind as you prepare for the discussion and throughout the interview so that you will know what questions to ask. If your theme is fashion, for instance, determine whether your readers are most interested in trends, comfort, or price.

Even better, you can get reader feedback. Write a blog post in which you solicit suggestions for speakers or themes from your sector. Then you can look for specialists who can help with such requirements.

Narrow the Topic

Using the fashion blogger as an example, suppose reader feedback indicates they want to know how to create an effort capsule wardrobe. Your topic is now more specific than just “fashion” in general or even “work attire.” You can look for a subject-matter authority.

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Do your own study on the subject once you’ve chosen it. Of course, both you and your readers are interested in what the expert has to say. But understand enough about it to be able to pose sensible inquiries. Identify any difficulties with the subject and get ready to ask the candidate how to solve them.

Get Someone Reputable

Now that you know who you want to interview and hire, start your search for a respectable candidate. Don’t just agree to interview the party-meets-cousin person. Analyze their qualifications. Visit their blog, social media pages, or website. Make sure they can speak intelligently about the subject you want to ask them about by doing a pre-interview.

Prepare Questions in Advance

Start by answering the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of journalism. For instance:

  • What is a “capsule wardrobe,” and what are the advantages of one?
  • Who will gain the most from a work-focused capsule wardrobe?
  • Where may one get resources for creating a capsule wardrobe?
  • When is the most advantageous time to purchase capsule items?
  • What are the benefits of a capsule wardrobe?
  • How is a capsule wardrobe planned?

Send the interviewee your questions in advance. If they feel more at ease doing so, you might ask them to reply via email. Know that you will ask follow-up questions whether you conduct the interview in person, over the phone, or via video call.

Find New Directions

If it’s a spoken interview, watch for spots in the dialogue to stray off on a tangent. Let’s take the question, “Why is a capsule wardrobe useful?” for instance. ” One benefit is that it might assist you in determining your unique style, they say. You may use this as an opening to start a side discussion about personal style and how important it is when choosing what to wear.

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Make sure to bring the conversation back to your intended questions if you do stray off topic. Always direct the interviewee toward the material your readers are interested in learning since they will be following your lead.

Ask Follow-Up Questions

Not all interviews consist solely of questions and responses. It might be more like a discussion, as if you were discussing a shared topic with a friend. What are the advantages of a capsule wardrobe, for instance, if you question your interviewee about them and they reply that it reduces decision-making, clears up clutter, and is healthier for the environment? How is it better for the environment, you could reply.

Sometimes the follow-up questions get the best answers from an interview. This is especially true if the person you are interviewing is a bit shy. Before they reveal the most important information, you might need to ask further questions.

In Summary

Are you prepared to launch a new blog post? A fantastic way to give your readers a different viewpoint, some fresh thoughts, and perhaps a different spin on your typical topic is to interview a guest. However it’s not difficult, interviewing does need planning and preparation. When doing an interview with a guest for your blog, use the tips above to acquire the most relevant information.


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