How Do I Add a Contact Form from Blogger to Blogspot?

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How Do I Add a Contact Form from Blogger to Blogspot?

 Everyone can use Google Blogger as a user-friendly blogging tool. For Blogger/Blogspot, we all want to add a contact us page. A dedicated Blogger contact form was just just made available by Blogspot on May 15, 2013. The majority of us are unaware that it is offered in the Blogger gadget area.

The Blogger contact form loads swiftly without pampering you like other third-party contact forms and has a very tidy and clean GUI. It also acts quite well. It can be a wise option for people looking for a basic contact form for Blogger blogs.

Features of Blogger Contact Form

  • Three fields—Name, Email, and Message—along with a Send button—make up the Blogger contact form. The required fields are Email and Message.
  • In just a few clicks, you can install a contact form for Blogger.
  • Just put it to your blog’s sidebar or another place. There is no need to customise.
  • If someone approaches you via the Blogger contact form, the blog administrator will get an email at that address. Every admin who manages a blog will get the same email if there are multiple admins managing it.
  • It loads extremely fast without lowering your page speed rating.
  • Free lifelong access to an infinite number of contact form submissions.
  • quick email notification.

Add A Blogger Contact Form (New Dashboard)

  • Visit the dashboard for Blogger. Choose a blog > visit the layout
  • Choose “Add a Gadget” (in your sidebar section)
  • Choose the contact form gadget from the popup page. Make sure the box labelled “Show contact form” is checked. You can see your contact form in the Blogger sidebar. Uncheck the box to make the contact form in the sidebar invisible.
  • Changes can be made to Blogger’s contact form, then saved.
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Add a blogger contact form (Old Dashboard)

  • Access the Blogger Dashboard Choose a blog Access the Layout tab.
  • Go to the “Add a Gadget” button.
  • the “More Gadgets” tab appears as a pop-up gadget page
  • Click “Contact Form New” at this time.
  • A unique title for the contact form will be requested by the gadget. “Contact form” is the default option, however you can change it at any moment.
  • When finished, click the “Save button.”
  • You may drag this gadget to any specific place on your blog where you want it to appear.
  • I’m providing you with a visual example to install it on your blog in order to be of further help.

A Sample Contact Form Email

As I already mentioned, when someone contacts the blog administrator via the contact form, the administrator will be notified via email.

I hope you wiall add a contact form for Blogger to your blog so that you may make better use of it.


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