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How are up to three WhatsApp chats pinned?

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How are up to three WhatsApp chats pinned?

 The most popular and commonly used app worldwide is WhatsApp. Because it makes it simple for users to send messages and share documents for free, its popularity is growing daily. The good news is that there is no company-imposed cap on the number of messages that can be sent or received, so users send and receive a lot of messages, some of which get buried in the volume of connectivity. Users find it challenging to locate crucial texts from friends and family. The business provides an answer to this issue. Three WhatsApp conversations with the people we talk to most regularly can be pinned. Users of iOS and Android can use the feature.

When the pin function was introduced on May 15, 2020, WhatsApp’s Twitter profile sent out a number of tweets to users as tips on how to apply it. The business stated,

Did you realize that to make certain chats easier to find, you can bring up to three of them to the top of your list of chats?

Android users should tap the message, hold it, and then tap, whereas iPhone users should swipe right and.

On October 15, 2021, the business spoke once more to WhatsApp users. In a tweet, it stated:

Top of the chat, top of the mind. Pin it! 📍 “

The chat is very easy to use for Pin and will help you save lots of time. Pinning up the chat will make it easier for users whenever we wish to approach someone with whom we frequently exchange and receive messages. You can pin up to three significant talks for quick access. The ways to pin up to three WhatsApp chats are listed below.

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  • Go to WhatsApp after unlocking the phone or any other device.
  • The Android user must click the conversation and hold it. Choose Pin Chat from the menu that will appear.
  • The iOS user must swipe right. and choose Pin in the chat.
  • All three talks will be conducted individually using the same procedure.

  • On an Android device, the user can select and hold the chat to access settings and choose the un-pin option if he no longer wants it to stay at the top of the chat and in his memory.
  • The user must slide the conversation from left to right on an iOS device. Unread and unpin will display as choices at once. By using the unpin button, the chat will become unpinned and join the daily stream of messages.


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