Here is All You need To Know About Apple Watch 8

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Here is All You need To Know About Apple Watch 8

 In a few weeks, Apple will introduce its new iPhone series. At their first fall event this year, Apple is reportedly launching seven items, including two Apple watches. The Apple Watch 8, the company’s newest flagship wearable, is one of the gadgets we anticipate seeing at the unveiling on September 6. According to rumours, Apple will release up to three watches this year, including the all-new Apple Watch 8 Pro and the Apple Watch SE 2. There had been no public statements made about it, though.

Apple Watch 8- Rumors So Far!

For some weeks, there has been a lot of speculation about the biggest Apple Watch 8. As the anticipated arrival of the smartwatch draws near, let’s pay attention to them.

Skin temperature sensor

Regarding the body temperature sensor in the Apple Watch 8, there are contradicting rumours. Apple reportedly plans to include a new health sensor this time. The Apple Watch Series 6 now has a blood oxygen reader built in. But this time, the skin-temperature sensor is anticipated to boost the Apple Watch’s capabilities as a medical tool. It can also be used to monitor sleep patterns and identify fevers.

Low power mode

Apple Watch may gain a low power mode or better battery management options, according to the most recent speculations. As everyone is aware, the Apple Watch currently has a Power Reserve feature that enables you to monitor the time even when your smartwatch’s battery is almost empty. However, unlike iPhones and iPads where a single toggle may turn off a number of the battery-draining features, there is no proactive “low power” setting.

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Color rumors

The Midnight, Starlight, Product Red, and Silver versions of the Apple Watch Series 8 are anticipated. We are all aware of how similar Silver and Starlight are. Though there was a little variation between the two colours available for the MacBook Air M2.

Apple Watch 8 price and release date rumors

Expected pricing for the base Watch Series 8 is $399, with additional costs for LTE and the larger size. The pricing of the Apple Watch Pro is yet unknown, although the Apple Watch SE 2 may cost $279. According to rumours, the price will be the same as the iPhone 13 Pro and could reach $999.

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