GTA VI – Will the GTA lovers have to buy PS5 for Playing the game?

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GTA VI – Will the GTA lovers have to buy PS5 for Playing the game?

 Due to its large fan base, GTA VI is creating waves online. On the internet, there are countless rumours that are spread, some of which are also true. A new kind of discussion is escalating as the formal announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6’s release date draws closer. Will GTA 6 Be a PS5 Exclusive is the topic of discussion. Or will GTA fans need to purchase a PS5 in order to enjoy the game? Many gamers are unclear if GTA VI will only be available on Sony’s newest platform due to the PS5’s overwhelming popularity over the Xbox Series X. It doesn’t seem possible given the console’s past. Nevertheless, let’s look at our examination of the matter.

Rockstar Games recently released a collection of the top three Grand Theft Auto games (GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and San Andreas). Since these three games were already released, all platforms already have the new definitive edition. However, since GTA 6 is brand-new, we can’t be certain that it will be released on all platforms or just one.

What is the Significance of the deal between Sony & Rockstar?

There is presently no official information available about the initial platforms that GTA 6 will support. Foxy, a well-known GTA leaker, however, tweeted in 2020 about a collaboration between Sony and Rockstar Games. The relationship involved GTA VI, which was released after GTA 5’s PS5 version, according to the tweet.

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The specifics of the partnership were never disclosed. Similar to the previous possibilities, Rockstar Games might not agree to a deal that would restrict GTA 6’s distribution to the PS5 due to the franchise’s enormous fan base. The era of platform-exclusive games appears to be coming to an end with games like Marvel’s Spider-Man becoming non-exclusive.

However, we do anticipate that Sony will also receive some special GTA 6 DLCs and maps an outcome of the deal. A limited release, however, currently appears too good to be true.

Will GTA 6 be PS5 exclusive?

If we examine the pattern of previous Rockstar games’ releases, we can assume that GTA 6 will launch on the most well-liked consoles. Then, the game will be modified for Windows and other important platforms (if any). Therefore, GTA VI will debut on the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and eventually on Windows 10/11. There hasn’t been any formal notification, though, so things could change at any time.

Will GTA VI be available for PS4 and Xbox One?

It’s time for the oldies to shine now that GTA 6 will be available on all next-generation devices. Grand Theft Auto 5 has been playable on the PS4 and Xbox One, which are both reliable systems. GTA 6 might, however, never be released for either of these consoles or, to our surprise, it might.

Our Verdict regarding GTA VI exclusivity:

Regardless of whether it is exclusive or not, GTA VI will undoubtedly change the entire sector. And the most recent GTA 6 concept trailer, which offers a sneak peek at the potential next-generation graphics, confirms this. We won’t assume, based on our analysis, that the game will only be released for the PS5, as we can see the game’s historical trajectory and some other hypotheses that we have discussed in our blog.

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