GTA 6 trailer expects a reveal in October 2022

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GTA 6 trailer expects a reveal in October 2022

 A “complete” release of GTA 6 is currently a long way off. An optimistic prediction from well-known Rockstar insider Tez2 points to October 2022.

When will GTA 6’s first trailer be made available? Or, at the very least, Rockstar’s own graphics and information? Currently, there isn’t a definite answer to these problems. The moment might, however, come as early as October 2022, according to seasoned insider Tez2.

According to a tip from the renowned insider Tez2, fans may anticipate the game’s trailer to be released as early as October, even though Rockstar Games has not verified any specifics regarding GTA 6.

According to the source, “the enigmatic photograph” was a fascinating discovery made in Grand Theft Auto Trilogy last year that featured a previously unseen residence displayed amid the UFO photo exhibit at the Lil’ Probe. According to Tez2, the launch of the GTA 6 teaser may coincide with the inclusion of UFO in GTA Online.

The first female heroine of the series will be joined by a male counterpart in the title, according to reports; the idea behind their alliance is said to be based on the criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde.

During the months of April 2023 and March 2024, GTA 6 will be released. If this is true, it appears that fans will be able to view a game trailer later this year.

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