GTA 6: Rockstar Seems uninterested in GTA VI Queries

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GTA 6: Rockstar Seems uninterested in GTA VI Queries

 Nothing is formally known about GTA 6 save for Rockstar’s statement that it is under development, and it appears that the business intends to keep it a secret. This doesn’t necessarily mean that GTA 6 fans have stopped requesting further details. Every chance they have, they keep pestering the corporation with questions about the game and when it will be released. For instance, Rockstar’s Twitch chat is routinely overrun with GTA 6 questions, and the company has supposedly had enough. Grand Theft Auto 6 debate is no longer permitted on Rockstar’s official Twitch channel in response to this, as the corporation appears uninterested in responding to questions about GTA 6.

Rockstar Seems Uninterested in GTA VI Queries

New filters in place in the most recent streams block references of GTA 6; this tactic is the same as Rockstar’s on YouTube. After years of leaks, rumours, and conjecture over the studio’s forthcoming game, Rockstar finally confirmed that GTA 6 was in the works early in 2022. Rockstar hasn’t made any official statements on Grand Theft Auto 5’s follow-up, but more recent reports have provided important details. According to rumours, GTA 6 will have a female lead and take place in a setting that resembles Miami.

However, Reddit users have noted that there are still ways to ask Rockstar questions regarding the game, even though there is a good possibility Rockstar would ignore them. Although it doesn’t seem to be for certain users prohibited as some people have jokingly found a solution in GTA 5+1. You shouldn’t, however, plan on GTA 6 being released any time soon.

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The fact that talks of Grand Theft Auto 6 have been prohibited shouldn’t come as a surprise. Undoubtedly, the most anticipated video game to date is Rockstar’s title. Additionally, it is very obvious why Rockstar took these actions, despite the fact that this kind of chat moderation may frustrate fans who wish to discuss GTA 6. The studio will want to have its efforts commended on GTA Online, which has its own substantial and active player population, in order to promote the work that is now being done there. Grand Theft Auto 6 fans may still discuss it in a variety of different forums, and Once the sequel is ready for release, Rockstar will probably loosen these restrictions.

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