Govt Imposes Rs. 36 Billion New Tax on Tobacco and Cigarettes

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Govt Imposes Rs. 36 Billion New Tax on Tobacco and Cigarettes

 According to Minister of Finance and Revenue Miftah Ismail, during a news conference, the Federal Government has imposed a new tax on cigarettes and tobacco worth Rs. 36 billion.

The levy, according to the Minister, is intended to fill the hole left by the drop in retail tax from 42 billion to 27 billion rupees. To fill the gap, the Ministry of Finance initially requested a tax on cigarettes of Rs. 18 billion. However, the Federal Government opted to double the taxes, making them worth Rs. 36 billion.

The total tax levied on 50 packs in a stack (1000 cigarettes) Comparatively, the tax on a stack of 50 packs of tier-1 cigarettes (GoldLeaf, etc.) climbed from Rs. 5,900 to Rs. 6,500. Tier-2 cigarettes (Capstan, etc.) have seen a price increase from Rs. 1,850 to Rs. 2,050.

Similar to this, the tax on tobacco has raised by 3,800% from Rs. 10 per kg to Rs. 380 per kg. According to Miftah, the tax on cigarettes falls under excise tax, whereas the tax on tobacco is a cess (tax).

It is important to note that the PTI government raised the tobacco tax from Rs. 10 per kg to Rs. 300 per kg, but was forced to reverse its decision as a result of pressure from the cigarette business.

Miftah stated that the tobacco tax will aid in regulating the tobacco sector and halt the creation of cigarettes that is done illegally. Additionally, it will force tobacco businesses to pay sales tax, which they had previously avoided, and become a part of the government’s track-and-trace system. He noted that four new companies have so far been registered in the system.

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