‘Fortnite’ And ‘Destiny 2’ May Cross Over Soon

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‘Fortnite’ And ‘Destiny 2’ May Cross Over Soon

Destiny 2 And “Fortnite” Might Merge Soon. On Tuesday, Bungie might reveal Fortnite skins for Destiny 2.

It seems like Bungie is putting Fortnite skins in Destiny 2. A well-known Destiny dataminer named Ginsor has verified the crossover after Fortnite leaker MidaRado hinted to it over the weekend with an image of numerous iconic Fortnite skins in D2.

Fortnite leakers have been claiming for a while that there would be a crossover between Fortnite and D2 and that both sides would get exclusive rewards. There hasn’t been much information on the crossover in recent months, but it seems that something is coming since a Destiny dataminer found a picture of three skins that are obviously influenced by Fortnite.

Obviously, We are quite intrigued to see how a D2 X Fortnite crossover will play out as a D2 fan who is also obsessive with collecting as many insanely diverse IP skins as possible in Fortnite.

A Twitter user and D2 dataminer named GinsorKR posted a picture of three guardians sporting armour kits that were inspired by Fortnite. The Black Knight skin, a Tier 70 award in Fortnite Season 2, is undoubtedly the source of inspiration for the left armour set. The middle set of armour seems to be modelled after Drift, a legendary outfit that was a reward for completing Season 5’s battle pass and changed as the player levelled up.

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