Fix These Annoying AirPods Issues Quickly

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Fix These Annoying AirPods Issues Quickly


You use your AirPods regularly. You cram them in your ears as soon as you step onto the train platform in an attempt to block out the noise of other riders so you can go to work quietly. You use them to answer calls from your boss regarding job issues and from your significant other on emergencies involving the grocery store.

Despite how much you rely on your AirPods, they have a short list of issues like micro-scratches, battery loss, and complete absence. Here’s how to fix them if you do not want to suffer with any of these annoyances:

Keeping Your Case Clean

Apple is noted for its simple, elegant designs. Even though appearances are slick and stunning, they are not always useful. Take the compact, sleek, all-white AirPods wireless charging case as an example. After a week, you began to realise how difficult it is to maintain the cleanliness of that pearly-white container. It draws dirt, scuffs, and scratches like a magnet.

You should customise your AirPods case with a true-textured, genuine 3M vinyl skin to stop the cycle of cosmetic degradation if you don’t want to see the results of every scratch or smudge. The case’s protective coating will cover up all of the unwanted faults with a stylish pattern like Matrix, Red Dragon, or Mahogany. Applying the straightforward accessory, No embarrassment will be felt if you take the case out of your pocket.

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Losing Them

When AirPods originally debuted, they were made repeated fun of for appearing to be too simple to misplace. Even though pre-release reports were overstated, losing one or two AirPods is still a typical occurrence.

You should locate these headphones as soon as possible given their high cost. To locate the AirPods so that you can reclaim them, use Apple’s free Find My iPhone app. This is way easier when they still have battery life. The helpful app will display the last known location of the AirPods before they shut off when they run out of charge.

If you frequently misplace these accessories and want to ensure that you never have them far away, you might imitate the pioneer Gabrielle Reilly. She created her own AirPod. Each wireless headphone is connected to a chain, which is then fastened to earrings using metal fish hooks. She can pop them in and out of her ears thanks to the design without losing sight of them.

If that’s not your thing, be sure to put them away in your case after each use, and take it with you wherever you go. Consider it a modern need similar to your house keys, bus pass, or wallet.

Dealing with Battery Drain

You swear you just inserted your AirPods, although the battery is almost completely depleted. How is it even imaginable that?

Certain behaviours will drain your battery. Your AirPods will use more energy if you use them to make or receive phone calls, leave them on standby, or store them without charging them. Avoid these terrible practises if you want to prevent your AirPods from dying midway through your commute or your treadmill workout.

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If changing those poor habits does not help, you can reset your AirPods and reconnect them to your iPhone or other iOS devices to fix battery drain. Put the charging case for the headphones inside. On the case’s outside, press the setup button until the An amber to white status light flashes before reconnecting to your tech. The time-tested advice to “switch it off and on again” can be really helpful.

The fact that your AirPods are old and unable to meet your expectations as quickly as they once could is another reason why you’re experiencing battery drain. A battery’s efficiency gradually decreases over time, especially if it is quite small in size. If you bought the headphones in 2016, your bad habits are probably not to blame for the battery drain.

The only option is to have them replaced if old age is the root of the issue. You must contact Apple Support for battery services if you don’t want to put up with poor battery life. Cost will apply. Users who are out of warranty must pay $69 for each pod, which costs $49 per pod.

Your wireless headphones would not cause you a headache now that you’ve read these recommendations. Your charging case would not appear to be a soiled and abused container of dental floss with the aid of a superb vinyl skin. You would not have to be concerned about losing AirPods and requiring replacements thanks to Find My iPhone or perhaps a creative pair of earrings. In order to avoid running out of headphone batteries throughout your journey, you also know how to deal with those annoying batteries.


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