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Favorite Music Guru For Spotify: How To Find Your Top Artists & Tracks

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Favorite Music Guru For Spotify: How To Find Your Top Artists & Tracks


A quick and simple approach to review your favourite artists and songs at a glance may be appreciated by Spotify users who go to great lengths to maintain their music library on the app. As one of the most widely used music streaming services, Spotify already includes a few features that are intended to make it easier for users to find new music and broaden their musical tastes. However, there are also a tonne of independent websites that, when granted access to Spotify, offer entertaining and simple music statistics.

Some of these third-party websites comb through a user’s Spotify account to find all kinds of information that is there, such their favourite songs, saved playlists, followed artist pages, and listening history, to name a few, and repackage it into a cool visual. One peculiar one is PokéPlaylist, which converts the artists that Spotify users have listened to the most into Pokémon cards. PokéPlaylist creates adorable and useful graphics, making it a pleasant way to express musical preferences on social networking.

Favorite Music Guru may not provide Spotify users with a fancy share card that would make it a wonderful thing to post for visual appeal, but it more than makes up for that in-depth and extensive best-of lists that might be repurposed into other shareable things online. Visit the Favorite Music Guru website in a web browser on a desktop or mobile device that is frequently used to access Spotify to use the service. If users are already signed in to their Spotify accounts, they might not need to do anything; however, if they are not, enter their login information and click the “Log In” button. Click the “Agree” button on the page that seeks access to Spotify data after logging in successfully. The approach depends on a user’s listening history on the app. The user should then be taken to a page showing their top Spotify artists and songs.

Spotify’s ‘Favorite Music Guru’ Statistics (And What Users Can Do With It)

The text-heavy results page of Favorite Music Guru is organised into comprehensive and easier-to-read lists of the top Spotify listeners’ favourite musicians and songs. In the event that the Spotify app was open when Favorite Music Guru was launched, it additionally displays the track that is presently playing as well as a list of the most recently listened-to songs. The way the third-party site divides top Spotify artist-and-track lineups into handy time groups, notably short-term (last four weeks), medium-term (last six months), and long-term, would appeal to anyone interested in going down memory lane and revisiting what kind of music they loved in the past (last few years).

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Visual learners may find the absence of graphics off-putting, but those who are interested in Favorite Music Guru’s data can utilise it to rediscover previous Spotify favourites. Additionally, those who are proficient with photo-editing software can copy and paste pieces of the lists to make their own best-of images that they can post on social media. The most obvious and likely best use of Favorite Music Guru is for those with a lot of time and patience to build their Spotify libraries from scratch — they can use the site as a cheat sheet and create new playlists with the same songs as listed, or use them as inspiration to look up tracks of their favourite artists they may not have listened to before.

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