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Facebook Is Losing Ground As TikTok-Like Apps Make Their Way To Top Rankings

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Facebook Is Losing Ground As TikTok-Like Apps Make Their Way To Top Rankings

 We are all aware of how unpopular Facebook has grown in recent years. It has been overtaken by chat and entertainment apps. According to a review of iPhone App Store data, Facebook has had a difficult time keeping its place among the top 10 apps on the American App Store this year. The primary cause of this decline in popularity for the tech giant in the App Store’s Top Charts is that younger consumers have switched to fresh social networking experiences, such as TikTok-like Apps and now BeReal.

TikTok-Like Apps Have made Their Way To Top Charts

Looking back, Facebook has occasionally dropped out of the Top 10 for an extended period of time—as much as 37 days in 2022, up from just 2 days in 2021. But at the moment, that is not the case. For instance, Facebook was only removed from the Top 10 list of free iPhone apps seven times in 2017. But by 2022, that number has already risen to 97. It is obvious evidence that Facebook may be losing ground as upstart applications like TikTok and BeReal climb the App Store’s charts.

The most recent statistics indicate that during the first half of 2021, Facebook only six times dropped out of the Top 10 apps on the App Store. However, in 2022’s first half. According to information provided by app intelligence company Sensor Tower, it dropped out of this grouping 59 times in total.

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According to a report, when it comes to the digital platforms utilised by the 13 to 17-year-old age group, Facebook now trails Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, BeReal, and Snapchat. The platform’s waning appeal among young people is undoubtedly important to the business. However, the fact that the social media juggernaut owns Instagram helps to lessen the hurt. Similar to this, Facebook is not currently being downloaded by enough people for it to easily maintain its Top 10 ranking. Instead, brand-new apps like TikTok, BeReal, and Snapchat, which is popular among Generation Z, are taking over the Top Charts.

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