Easy 7 Steps for Cleaning and Organizing Your Phone

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Easy 7 Steps for Cleaning and Organizing Your Phone

 We would not sugarcoat it: we spend a lot of time each day on our phones and computers. Most of us are aware of this, whether it’s because we use them for work, because we’re addicted to social media, YouTube videos, gaming, or just because we’re bored. Those devices certainly suffer from such heavy use. Pictures begin to accumulate. The OS begins to clog up. Files become jumbled up. And as the confusion worsens, so do the performance of our computers and phones.

In actuality, all of it can be easily avoided by doing routine maintenance. Because of this, we’ve put together a list of 7 things you can do right away to improve the performance of your mobile devices. It makes no difference if you are a student. This list is surely for you if you are a person who primarily uses computers for gaming, a developer for an IT software outsourcing company, or a NASA astronaut.

7 Ways to Organize and Clean Your Phone

 Get Photos and Videos Out of Your Phone

Go ahead and access the gallery on your phone. There’s a good chance you’ll discover it loaded with various images and movies. Your phone is probably stuffed full with pictures, whether it’s because you like to take pictures of everything or because your loved ones are constantly sending you pictures of everything they do.

So getting rid of them makes sense. Of course, you can easily and swiftly delete them. But perhaps you want to preserve some pleasant recollections. The best course of action is to upload the desired photographs and movies to the cloud. By doing this, you will free up much-needed storage space and see a difference in your device’s performance.

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Back-Up All Your Important Files

Your laptop could be stolen, your phone could fall to the ground, the operating system on your computer could become inoperable, and so on. Your valuable data can be lost in a variety of ways. That’s incredible; the majority of us don’t even consider backups. The best you can probably do is back up your vital information because there is no way to ensure that those things won’t happen to you.

Once more, cloud storage can save the day. You may rest assured that all of your data will be available if you need them by using services like Dropbox or Google Drive. You should back up every single file, including pictures, movies, documents, receipts, music, and other types of information. Moreover, it’s considerably easier if you’re backing up your phone’s files. simpler: all you need to do to get started is have your device automatically sync with iCloud.

Manage Your Apps and Software

Installing software or apps and then leaving them in place is another typical mistake that many people commit. It may lead to two distinct problems in the future.

The first one concerns the apps you frequently use. We are discussing not upgrading them. Some people find it annoying to update their software or programmes, while others simply forget to do it. To avoid assaults and take advantage of new features, you must keep all of your digital devices up to date. You must make sure that everything is updated because of this. If you do not want to be bothered by it again, make sure you enable automatic updates.

The second problem is the consumption of space by programmes and applications you never use. The answer in this situation is actually It’s easy; just spend a few minutes going through everything you have installed and removing anything you aren’t using. There are probably a few apps you did not know were there.

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Tidy Up Your Email Inbox

Perhaps you are not using email anymore (perhaps just to sign up for certain services). However, if you are one among the millions of users who continue to use it daily, you must raise your game and organise your inbox. Get rid of any unread mails you may have before anything else.

Then it will be time to remove your account from mailing lists that do not interest you or are spamming it. To make it simpler, you can use a service like (Android/iOS). Last but not least, you can take a little extra time to organise your emails better in the future. Create folders and tags, establish filters to categorise all incoming mail automatically, and mark any spam you come across.

Delete All Trash

You should check the amount of trash on your system if you’ve found that your devices are becoming slower and slower. You might not realise it, but often using your devices can produce a significant number of garbage files that gradually impair system performance. Temporary files are sometimes created as a result of system upgrades, installation procedures, and even web browsing and end up taking up space without being used

Additionally, messaging apps like WhatsApp automatically keep any multimedia you send or receive. It can quickly accumulate and take up a lot of room. Moreover, relatively unimportant activities like searching histories can make programmes and even the entire system sluggish. You can completely remove Use the options provided by programmes and operating systems to do this, or use a specialised app like CCleaner (Android/iOS).

Refresh Your Passwords

Stronger digital security is a nice resolution you could make for this year. This goes beyond merely downloading antivirus software or using a VPN. It also means changing passwords, which most people overlook because it’s so fundamental. Although changing all of your old passwords to new ones could be tedious, doing so right away is essential.

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During this time, you can also consider using a password manager and add multifactor authentication to the services that already support it. You’ll only need to remember one password if you use this tool (the one to access the manager). The tool will automatically fill in all of your login information for the services you add after you log in.

Set Up Automatic Security Scans

It’s better to be safe than sorry even if you are certain that your systems are clean. It’s best to perform a prophylactic screening because certain hazards don’t leave obvious evidence of their presence. Use an antivirus or antimalware programme to run it. Both of them are capable of finding a lot of harmful software that may be concealed on your system.

Does your machine not already have one of them installed? It’s time to install one in your system, then. You need at least a basic defence line because the internet today is full of threats and prospective attackers. While you are there, study up on security, including what you can do to stop other types of attacks, like phishing frauds

Some Final Words

Some people may think these things are obvious, but it doesn’t make them any less important. True to form, in fact! Your devices will resume operating more smoothly if you complete them all. Use this list as a checklist of the things you should do to get the most out of your gadgets, even if you are already utilising them all.

Also, one more thing. Although we provided this list as a way to help you manage your year, it would be preferable if you regularly carried out all of these activities. By doing so, you will avoid having a cluttered system and always have your phone and laptop operating at their best.


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