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Can You See Who Watched Your Videos or TikTok Profile?

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Can You See Who Watched Your Videos or TikTok Profile?

 You can tell who watched your TikTok, right? Who has watched your video on TikTok? Do you know who has viewed your profile on TikTok? Due to the large number of people who watch TikTok with or without an account, such inquiries are common among all TikTokers. We will attempt to reply to these queries in this article.

Let’s talk about why you should utilise TikTok Analytics regularly before moving on. There are several reasons to be aware of the data for your account. A few of them are as follows:

You know who your audience is. It will aid the creator’s progress, fame, and capacity to earn income online.

  • Your concern for their privacy is great.
  • Determine if there is a true fan base.
  • How to Check Your TikTok’s Viewers

The truth regarding how to check who watched your TikTok profile, videos, left comments, and followed you should be covered before going into further depth.

Prior to recently, you could see who viewed your TikTok profile but not your TikTok videos. Although they often change their policies, TikTok is highly concerned about the privacy and security of their users.

You cannot view who has watched your TikTok videos using the official app.

On uploaded movies, you can only see the total number of views; you cannot see the faces of the viewers.

Can You View Your TikTok Profile Viewers?

Social networking sites have a tendency to regularly alter their community standards and privacy policies. TikTok upgraded their app in response, for this reason.

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However, users weren’t happy when TikTok made a significant change to their policies and removed the feature that allowed you to see who had viewed your TikTok profile. Also, the majority of TikTok creators were furious.

Every creator wants to know who has watched their videos and TikTok profile. It looks to be a requirement to them as a feature.Prior to the policy change, the platform let users see who has seen their TikTok profile; however, in 2020, they deleted this capability. The main motivation behind this choice is user privacy, however we are yet unsure of why.

A variety of social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat where users can see who has watched your story or videos. Users of TikTok can only view the amount of views on their videos.

If you can not see who watched your videos, don’t worry; TikTok still lets producers and users see comments and likes on videos, not completely hiding them from viewers.

Fortunately, TikTok has the ability to limit who can see your video likes. The default settings can be changed to suit your privacy requirements.

Does TikTok tell you who visited your profile? will be the subject of a thorough discussion in this article.

Can I see who’s viewing? TikToks from you

Obviously not. You are not able to reveal who saw your TikTok. You can only see how many people watched your TikTok as a creator. This platform might make you stop checking to see who watched your movies if you have a bad habit of doing so.

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You cannot see who has seen your videos on TikTok. You are limited to being able to see who liked, made duets, and republished altered content.

How to View Your TikTok’s View Counts

  • Start the TikTok app by clicking it on your device.
  • To open your profile page, find the Me icon and tap on it.
  • The number of views for each video is displayed there.

TikTok does not offer information about how many people have seen a particular video. Users must look in the profile section to see the most recent view totals.

How to Find Out Who Has Reposted or Liked Your TikToks

  • At the bottom of TikTok’s home screen, tap the Inbox option.
  • Go to the drop-down menu that is provided on the top bar.
  • There are several sub-menus in this drop-down menu. Every action, including Likes, Comments, Q&A, Mentions, and Followers. To see the relevant information, you must choose a submenu.

Let’s say you chose Likes. You can see which viewers enjoyed your videos. In a similar vein, clicking on Comments will reveal who left comments on your videos. To view your TikTok followers, choose Followers in a similar manner. so forth.

How to Make a Private TikTok Account

Who would not desire privacy? Everyone has a valid reason for keeping their stuff private. Making your TikTok account private and keeping your videos hidden from the public is the straightforward option.

  • Here’s how to make your TikTok account personal:
  • Select the Me button at the bottom of your screen by clicking it.
  • Click the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Next, select Privacy and safety from the menu.
  • You will find a toggle button to make your TikTok account private under the discoverability option.
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Switch to a personal account by clicking the button.


You can now respond to the request, “Can you see who watches your TikToks?” The official explanation is still a mystery. Why you can’t see who viewed your videos or profile on TikTok. User privacy is the basis for this statement. This site makes every effort to keep its visitors informed. This article is meant to be helpful, we hope. If so, feel free to comment on this article and share your thoughts if it was.


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