Apple Applies for More ‘Reality’ trademarks for AR headset

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Apple Applies for More ‘Reality’ trademarks for AR headset

 More “Reality” trademarks have now been requested by Apple for their augmented reality headset. Apple has reportedly started the trademark application process for its first augmented reality headset gadget, according to several recent sources. Apple has submitted trademark applications for names including “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” and “Reality Processor.” Most likely, Apple will introduce these headsets in the first half of 2023.

Apple Applies for More ‘Reality’ trademarks for AR/VR headset

Apple began developing its “Reality” branding, sometimes known as “rOS” or realityOS, in 2017. A developer framework called “RealityKit” was released by Apple in 2019 to aid in the creation of augmented reality experiences.

However, the corporation will now be granted the names. The first AR headset from Apple will then be called Reality One. Similar to that, Reality Pro will be an expensive $2000 high-end device. In addition, the headset will have a variety of cameras and sensors, as well as two extremely high-resolution monitors, one for each eye.

However, the term “Reality Processor” would logically relate to the special Apple silicon created for the gadget. The chip will resemble the M2 chip seen in the MacBook Air from 2022. The first-generation headset would also have a unique coprocessor, in addition to control the image processing chain.

On September 7, Apple will host an event where it will introduce its first round of new Christmas products. At that event, the company will also introduce the iPhone 14 series and the Apple Watch Series 8. At that event, the devices won’t have a place to launch. But hopefully by the beginning of 2023.

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