Quick Edit Pencil in Posts: How Do I Enable It? – Blogspot/Blogger Guide

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Quick Edit Pencil in Posts: How Do I Enable It? - Blogspot/Blogger Guide

If you write a blog and have hundreds of entries, it is difficult to edit a particular post since you must first search for it under the Posts tab and may then need to scroll down, utilise the navigation menu, or both to find it. You must enable Quick Edit Pencil on posts pages to get rid of this tedious practise. The only people who can see this Quick Edit Pencil are blog admin or owners. enable Quick edit pencil because it’s a blog tool that we can all the live without.

Instead than scrolling through the Blogger dashboard, a blog admin may quickly update any posted post from the same page. Due to a mistake or lack of knowledge on the part of the designer, the option is missing from some custom blog layouts.

Quick Edit Pencil can be enabled quite easily. All of the steps are listed below.

visit the Blogger Dashboard

For your blog, choose “Layout” from the drop-down menu.

Click Edit to edit the “Blog Posts” gadget now.

On the screen, a window will appear.

The option to “Show Quick Editing” will appear.

Activate this feature by checking the box if its not already.

 To save changes, press the “Save” button.

 Everything has been changed; enjoy!

 After that, open a post on your blog.

The “Pencil” symbol will appear.

You can rapidly edit this post by clicking the pencil symbol.

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