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How to Resolve the Instagram Issue “Sorry, Something Went Wrong Making Your Account”

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How to Resolve the Instagram Issue "Sorry, Something Went Wrong Making Your Account"


You can receive the error message Sorry, something went wrong when creating your account from Instagram. Kindly try once more soon. It sometimes happens when you try to create an Instagram account but are stopped from doing so.

This problem may be brought on by a software error, a server outage, a shaky internet connection, an expired cache, etc. You can no longer access the Instagram app because of this.

Thankfully, your friend is here to help you in finding a solution. Continue reading this article to learn the causes and potential solutions for the Instagram error message that reads “something went wrong, please try again.”

Why does my Instagram say we’re sorry something went wrong?

You see the following error message on Instagram. We sorry, but there was a problem. Try once again, please. because:

Internet connection instability

Server issues

Action on the Instagram software flaw has been delayed

Further technical issues

Something went wrong when you created your account, updated your profile, or posted material, as you can see from the error on Instagram.

Creating an Instagram account

Trying to sign up for an Instagram account keep failing for unknown reasons. There are multiple causes for it, such server failures and disrupted internet. Instagram displays the message Sorry, something went wrong when creating your account in this case. Kindly try once more soon. You cannot upload or save your information to the Instagram server due to server failures and unstable connections. Therefore, you see this error notice.

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Updating an Instagram profile

When updates to your Instagram profile can’t be saved after making efforts, it can feel as if you’re climbing a mountain. Then, a “We’re sorry, something went wrong.” error notice on Instagram displays. Common causes include a bad internet connection, server outages, software bugs, Instagram actions being disallowed, technical difficulties, etc. Therefore, before changing your profile, you should check your internet access, account limits, or issues.

Posting an Instagram post or story

The same thing happens when you post something on Instagram. The moment you begin to upload a picture, the process becomes unavailable. The effect is that you receive the Instagram message “Something went wrong. When posting your photo or video, say “Try again later.” Perhaps you’re using an out-of-date Instagram app or have sluggish internet. Server outages are hardly the cause. In the worst possible scenario, Instagram would have blocked your account. We sorry, but something went wrong, so that’s what you’re reading. Please give it another go on the Instagram app.

Because of this, Instagram displays the message “We’re sorry, but something went wrong.”

Why does something went wrong keep showing on my Instagram?

Instagram continues to report an issue. See the notice “Sorry, something went wrong making your account” on Instagram all the time. Please try one more soon. The facts suggest that:

no access to the internet.

Instagram is suffering outages.

The servers for Instagram are down for planned maintenance.

Action on your Instagram account has been disabled.

Your device’s Instagram app contains software problems.

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Your device is not compatible with the Instagram app.

more technical issues.

Due to significant factors, Instagram states, “We’re sorry, but something went wrong. This problem could be brought on by anything, including your internet connection, the Instagram app, or your device itself.

Nothing can be done in this situation. Hold off till Instagram resolves this issue for you. The wait may last for several hours. But following that, you can Make an Instagram account, edit your profile, and upload content.

Now that you know the reasons for Instagram’s “We’re sorry, something,”

gone bad likewise, “Why does Instagram keep saying that anything went wrong?”

How to fix the error “Sorry, something went wrong creating your account. Please try again soon.”

The following changes address the issues listed below:

Sorry, there was a problem when you created your account. Please try once more.

I apologise; something was wrong. Try one more later, please.

We apologise, but something didn not work out. Please try once more.

 Signup using the official website

If your Instagram app is giving you the message “Something went wrong, please try again,” you can create an account by visiting the official website via your web browser at “”.

Making an account is not needed to use the Instagram app. Also, you can register on their main page. It assists you in avoid issues at the device level that prevent account creation.

Using your Facebook account, email address, or phone number, you can open an Instagram account. For your account, just use your full name, username, and password.

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You still aren’t able to sign up for an Instagram account. It shows that Instagram’s servers are down due to a problem or planned maintenance. Only wait until the outage is fixed. A few minutes to many hours may pass.

Power off your device

If the message “Sorry, there was a mistake when creating your

account. Kindly try once more soon. After trying all of the suggested fixes, if ” still appears, turn off your device and turn it back on after 30 seconds. After restarting your phone, a brief technical issue usually comes.

With this method, the internal memory that supports the launch of your apps is cleaned out. As a result, this error might now also occur.

Steps are simple for everyone.

Shut down your phone.

Activate your smartphone after 30 seconds.

Open the Instagram programme.

Update your profile and make a new account.

You say it’s not working for you. Let’s go on to the following remedy.

Contact the Instagram Help Center

Unfortunately, after updating, deleting, and reinstall your software, nothing is working for you. We made every effort to thoroughly explain everything, but nothing was successful. Since you are attempting to access a blocked or stolen account, contact the Instagram help desk right once and seek support. You can then access your account after that. After that, make updates to your profile and start posting.



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