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How to Quickly Recover Your Account After a WhatsApp Hack

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How to Quickly Recover Your Account After a WhatsApp Hack

In the ever increasing technology world of today, we all rely heavily on technology. This progress throughout the years has streamlined our everyday necessities. WhatsApp is an example of this growth because it has assimilated into our daily lives. All of our regular contact, whether it be for work or for pleasure, is made possible through WhatsApp. It is our main method of communication.

Everything is not perfect, as we all know. Thus, WhatsApp has its share of difficulties. Everyone would be angry if their WhatsApp account was hacked since they do not want it to happen.

If you had this tragic situation and are unsure about how to proceed, The first thing you can do is make an effort to calm down and avoid worrying. We are entirely aware of your situation. Please try not to panic so that you can try to assess the issue. Whatsapp was hacked; how to fix it.

At such point, we advise against panicking or losing patience. Keep in mind that the longer you delay acting, the longer the attacker can use your data to their advantage. For instance, the intrusive party can send texts on your behalf to deceive others. Even use your friends and family as pawns in scams.

Therefore, you could start by evaluating the fraudulent conduct. Your understanding of “How WhatsApp can be hacked?” may still be lacking. However, the following approaches could lead to the compromise of your WhatsApp account:

  • The user has clicked on dubious URLs with false prizes or headlines.
  • Most often, a hacker tries to take over the user’s phone. After gaining access to the victim’s phone, he activates WhatsApp Web on a computer. They can now access the victim’s WhatsApp account.

Naturally, there may have been a lot more ways that this could have turned out. Therefore, rather than determining “Can WhatsApp be hacked or not,” our main focus right now is identifying a trustworthy method to recover your WhatsApp account. Obviously, To avoid data loss, block the hacker from accessing your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Hacked: How to Recover Fast

You can handle this scenario by looking at some of the steps listed below to recover your hacked WhatsApp account.

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Log Out from Hacked WhatsApp Web

You can fix the problem if you see strange activity on WhatsApp and discover that WhatsApp Web is connected to an unidentified device. The user must only have access to his WhatsApp account on his phone as a requirement.

Users have the option to delink an unidentified device on every device where WhatsApp is primarily logged in. It is sufficient to retrieve your account using just one procedure.

Steps to recover hacked WhatsApp on iPhone:

  • On your iPhone, launch WhatsApp.
  • On the bottom bar, tap the Settings icon.
  • Tap Linked Devices after that.
  • You can now see all the gadgets your WhatsApp account has connected.
  • To unlink a device and limit access to your WhatsApp account, tap an unknown device.
  • Tap the red “Log out” button after that.
  • To confirm the action, tap Log out at the end.

Steps to recover hacked WhatsApp on Android:

  • On your Android phone, open WhatsApp.
  • The kebab menu looks like 3 vertical dots; tap it.
  • Click on Linked devices.
  • You can see every connected device there.
  • Then tap the device you want to log out of.
  • To finish, press the red Log Out button.

Anyone who had previously used the Web or Desktop versions of WhatsApp to access your account will no longer have access. They won’t be able to influence your chats as a result of being unable to see them.

“How to log out from hacked WhatsApp” is the main topic.

Request the Deactivation of Your Account

Only logging out of WhatsApp Web doesn’t exactly help you retain your conversations and data when your WhatsApp account may have been stolen. Deactivating your WhatsApp account becomes necessary in that situation.

But first, alert your contacts to the breach on your account. They must also not return your WhatsApp calls or texts.

Follow these steps to begin the deactivation of your WhatsApp account:

  • Open the email app on your device, such as Gmail.
  • To start writing a new email, tap “Compose.”
  • You will see an email format appear.
  • Sender’s address should be entered as
  • In the subject line, type: Lost/Stolen: Deactivate my account, please.
  • Send them some justification for your decision to cancel your WhatsApp account while you’re typing your email. Valid reasons and evidence for deactivating your account.
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Don’t forget to provide your country code with your phone number:

  • Start entering your phone number by pressing the plus symbol (+).
  • Type your country code next.
  • Include your phone number now.

Note: You can call and message internationally by adding the appropriate country code before your phone number.

Don’t know what a country code is?

It serves as an unique numeral prefix to identify a nation. It must be typed before a phone number in order to send and receive texts internationally. Google it if you don’t know your country’s code.

  • For instance, you would put +1 (YYY) XXXXXXX if the phone number to be dialled is XXXXXXX. Where,
  • The US country code is +1, the area code is YYY, and the phone number is XXXXXXX.

What happens after deactivating your WhatsApp account?

  • Your WhatsApp account won’t be easily deleted by the support staff.
  • Your contacts will be able to see your WhatsApp display image.
  • For the next 30 days, you’ll get communications from your contacts. They are still awaiting.
  • If you reactivate your account before the 30-day period has elapsed, you will have access to all of your previous and current data. Your new device will have access to all unread messages, and all of your group chats will still be active.
  • After 30 days, you cannot reactivate your WhatsApp account. If you get your account back in the interim, activate it again within 30 days.

Restore the Factory Settings on Your Phone

It’s possible that a malicious software has hacked your WhatsApp account rather than a hacker or nosy friend.

Logging out of a hacked WhatsApp Web will therefore be ineffective. Deactivating your WhatsApp account also serves no purpose.

Do you download paid applications from shady websites? These cracked apps could steal your private communications and data by covertly utilising your phone and other social media apps. Such dangerous applications access your installed apps and internet data while running in the background.

Therefore, in such cases, it is required to “Erase All Content and Settings” on an iPhone or to “Factory data reset” an Android device. Following that, you remove all third-party apps from your phone and restore all default settings.

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Steps to reset iPhone:

  • On your iPhone, tap Settings.
  • Then select General.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and select Transfer and Reset iPhone.
  • Tap Erase All Content and Settings after that.
  • Tap the Continue button to finish.

How to access Android’s factory data reset settings:

  • Start your phone’s Settings app.
  • The top search box should be touched.
  • Simply enter “Factory Settings.”
  • Press “Factory data reset” once.
  • Tap “Factory data reset” once more.
  • Select the blue Reset button by swiping downward.
  • your current PIN, please. (If PIN has been activated.)
  • Click the blue “Delete all” button to finish.

How Can I Keep Hackers From Stealing My WhatsApp?

You can stop someone from hacking into your WhatsApp account. Therefore, you would not need to restore your WhatsApp account or tap “Factory data reset” on Android smartphones. This can be achieved by following some simple safety precautions:

  1. Keep your smartphone secured and secure is one of them. Never go unattended with your phone. As a result, if you do, there is a lower chance that your phone will be stolen. You will also be able to prevent a nosy friend from hacking your phone or reading your texts.
  2. Enabling two-step verification is one of the best ways to prevent hackers from accessing your account. If this feature is turned on, anyone wanting to access your profile will have to provide a six-digit PIN. Use an app locker from a third party to lock your WhatsApp.
  3. Choose to turn off chat backups as well.
  4. By archiving the chat, you can make your WhatsApp chats invisible to anyone gaining access to your phone.

You are now aware of “how to protect WhatsApp from hackers.”

Final Thought

Nearly all of the material on the subject of “How to recover your hacked WhatsApp account” has been attempted to be provided. Therefore, use WhatsApp with caution, avoid installing malicious apps, and block users who attempt to steal your data.

Create a protected WhatsApp account, and you could avoid having such a dreadful experience. So enjoy WhatsApping and be careful with it!



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