How to Locate Someone by Their Cell Phone Number

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How to Locate Someone by Their Cell Phone Number

The majority of people are unaware of how to locate someone using their cell phone number. Therefore, they look for more information when it’s needed. But who wants to use a phone number to locate someone?

Parents who care about their children never want to leave them alone. To ensure their children’s safety, they seek to locate them.

For peace of mind, spouses can follow one other’s locations. Relationships are usually ruined by mistrust, yet sometimes, removing issues increases trust.

To ensure that personnel are accessible on their sites, businesses and employers must track their locations.

There are several ways to locate someone using their phone number. It is now possible thanks to recent technological advancements.

I assume that since you are reading this blog, you want to understand more about how to use a phone number to locate someone. So, start reading our essay while holding your smartphones in your hands. For your benefit, our experts have discussed some doable solutions.

Can a Cell Phone Number Be Used to Locate Someone?

Never take something at face value without trying it first. For instance, many services claim that they enable users to find up a phone number’s location. You may look them up online and in the App Store on your phone. People may be unsure about whether these services are beneficial or just a gimmick after reading reviews and community conversations. Do you want to find out if they function or not?

Can you trust a website that appears in search engine results and claims to provide correct information about a cell phone number?

Any website can’t provide you with 100% accurate results, but frequently, users might see what they were hoping for. You could find some fake websites in search results that attempt to gather your personal information. hence never When looking up a person’s location by cell phone number, provide your personal details.

Only reliable software and websites can track someone using their phone number. But how to track a phone number and where to look for them. To locate a phone number, we’ve used some tools. Try to find a phone number quickly by using these tools for tracking numbers.

How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

By using their cell phone number and different available methods described below, you can trace and locate someone. Moreover, you may locate a phone number using third-party apps and websites in addition to the native phone locator software.

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 Find My

The Find My app is a built-in location tracking tool available on every Apple device, including the iPhone, iPad, and iMac. So, it’s easy for anyone to locate a person.

How to activate the Find My app –

Turn on Find My for iCloud.

Click the Settings button.

Next, tap the name of the device’s owner (Apple ID).

ICloud is visible. To access relevant options, tap.

Down the list, scroll.

Make the Find My app active. Verify again that the toggle button is lit up in green.

Activate Find My Device –

Click the Settings button.

The device owner’s name is at the top; tap your Apple ID.

Click Find My > Find My iPhone next.

Toggle the options on by clicking the toggle switches next to Send Last Location, Find My Network, and Find My iPhone. Ensure that all

Switch have green buttons.

Enable iPhone app Share My Location –

Select Find My under Settings > Apple ID.

Toggle it on now by tapping the Share My Location icon.

Verify the toggle button is lit up in green.

Enable Sharing your location with family

Includes familial members

Select Family Sharing under Settings > Apple ID.

To send an invitation, use the Invite People button.

An invitation can be distributed through AirDrop, Messages, or Mail.

Use the Invite in Person option to add family members; on the following screen, input their Apple ID login information.

Enable Sharing your location with family

Select Find My under Settings > Apple ID.

Finally, you might see the email from the family member.

Tap Share My Location after selecting each email one at a time.

In this manner, your relatives can locate your mobile phone.

Following that, you or your family can locate your iPhone using other Apple products or a website:

Track the position of your iPhone using another iPhone

Using another iPhone, you can locate the iPhone.

Select Find My > Devices.

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Touch the iPhone’s name.

It will quickly find the iPhone.

Track the position of your iPhone using a MacBook or an iMac.

You can also use an iMac or MacBook to locate your iPhone.

Open Locate Me > Devices

Simply select your device’s name.

Can use iCloud to locate your iPhone.

Use to track your iPhone’s location as well.

Open a web browser and go to

Utilize your Apple ID login information your iCloud account.

Next, select All Devices from the drop-down selection.

To find the location of an Apple device, click on it.

Google Maps

iPhone with Google Maps

The actions that follow are similar for iPhone users.

To launch the Google Maps app, tap.

Tap the profile symbol in the top-right corner.

On the popup menu, there is a location sharing option.

At this stage, select “More options” from the view menu.

Next, select Until you turn this off under “Share your real-time location.”

Tap the “More options” button now.

In order to share the location tracking link with others, select how to do so by tapping the Share button.

The recipient of the location tracking link can view the current location of the phone.

On Android, use Google Maps

“Google Maps” is already preinstalled on almost all Android smartphones. Interestingly, you can trace it.

any device running Android. For iPhones, this method also works.

Activate Google Maps.

On the search box next to the mic symbol, tap the profile image.

On the pop-up menu, select Location sharing.

Tap the Share location option after that. Give consent if it requests it.

Tap the radio button once more to turn it off.

Finally, decide how you want to share the URL for the location tracking.

Use an IMEI Tracker

An IMEI can be used to track a phone.. Anyone may easily track a phone using its IMEI. International Mobile Identity is referred to as IMEI. Each phone’s 15-digit number is distinct. This can be used to track down missing or stolen phones.

the IMEI of your iPhone

To access Settings, tap.

General is down a bit. To open it, tap. Select About.

Find the IMEI by scrolling down.

You can also call *#06# to find out your iPhone’s IMEI.

Know the IMEI of your Android device.

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Click the Settings button.

till you reach About phone, scroll down. To open it, tap.

Click Status.

Info IMEI can be tapped.

You now see the IMEI.

You can also call *#06# to find the IMEI of your Android device.

your phone’s IMEI to find it

You have the choice to allow your cell phone provider and cellular network provider to track your phone. When you report a lost or stolen phone, it will be recovered within a few days. v

A third-party IMEI tracker app or a similar online IMEI tracker is now available for download and usage.

Caller Name (CNAM) Lookup

Use CNAM lookup tools if you’re still looking for a different approach to learn how to locate someone using their cell phone number. There are many CNAM Lookup services available online. You can view caller ID, name, email, city, and state using these services. But if you want to know all the details about a cell phone number, you can sign up for their services.

CNAM Lookup Services Drawbacks

CNAM blocker: People may use CNAM blocker to hide their information from the general public, making it impossible for you to view their caller name and other details.

An automated call: Maybe you’ve observed that it’s sometimes impossible to see information about unknown callers.

 Use to search

Possibly, had the details that you’re looking for. You cannot see the current location, but you can discover the current address of a cell phone number. Just perform a phone number search on Sometimes it’s easy to locate the linked house address.

It is allowed to trace someone’s position in the US using their phone number. There, SS7 networks are connected to the service. As a result, SS7 networks provide access to the data linked to a phone number.

Final Thought

You can locate a phone number, but be sure to do it legally. For example, you might secretly track your daughter’s phone, but not your neighbor’s or your coworker’s. We hope you’ll let your family and friends know how to locate someone using their cell phone number.

Do you know of a different way to locate someone using their phone number? Remember to spread the word to our viewers.


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