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How to Create a Successful YouTube Video: 7 Tips

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How to Create a Successful YouTube Video: 7 Tips

Consider setting up a YouTube account if you are searching for a tested strategy to market your company. It would be simple to expand your business if you knew how to create a YouTube video. Whether you’re a garment maker, a graphic designer, a financial expert, or a software outsourcing firm like BairesDev, YouTube videos may promote your goods and services.

However, keep in mind that there is more to producing a quality YouTube video than first appears. Businesses that use video marketing are not just going to pull out their phones and start filming. They put a lot of thought into planning ahead, employ top-notch tools to produce high-quality results, and add finishing touches to catch viewers’ eyes. Here, we look at a few of those steps. to sure that your YouTube video-making efforts are as effective as possible.

How to Make a YouTube Video?

Find a Good Location

How may YouTube videos be recorded? Your video’s location should be relevant to the subject. If you are talking about software development, for instance, choose a background with computers to demonstrate your professional setting. Get into a kitchen if you’re teaching someone how to make something. You see what I mean. Use a plain background that doesn’t distract from your content if all else fails. Also take into account the lighting and ambient noise, both of which can interfere with your movies. So that you won’t have to worry about it on the day of filming, choose your location in advance.

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Script It Out

Although you should aim to sound natural in your speaking, it can not hurt to spend at least a few minutes preparing your lines. Create an outline of the key points you want to address, and then fill in more details for each one.

Pay Attention to Editing

We all make mistakes, and when you are filming your movies, you will probably run into some difficulties. But don’t worry—video editing is there to save the day! Remove any scenes where you stumbled over your words or if the information is dull, pointless, or doesn’t flow naturally during the editing process. Hire someone with strong video editing abilities if you lack them. An alternative is to use a video-making website like

Know Your Audience

Nobody will find a video appealing. Keep in mind that your goal is to advertise your company, not to amuse people (though you should also aim to entertain in the process). If you have done your research into marketing, you probably already know a lot about the typical customer for your goods or services. Use that information to create themes that are very interesting to them.

To learn more about them, you may also use YouTube itself. In addition to using the Community section to publish queries or surveys to better understand what users want to see, you’ll discover helpful input in the comments section.

Use the 10-second Rule

According to the 10-second rule, you have 10 seconds to pique viewers’ interest and persuade them to continue watching. Because there isn’t much time, utilise it wisely. Consider one or more of the following approaches:

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  • In the sentence “Today I’ll Explain the Software Testing,” let viewers know what they will learn in the video.
  • Let viewers know how this video links to previous ones by saying something like, “Today we’ll be continuing our series about how to do your own taxes. This week, we talked about having the appropriate forms.
  • Inform viewers of the consequences of not watching, e.g., “A poor design can destroy your website, therefore let’s speak about how you can avoid that problem.”
  • Describe to viewers how their lives will improve watching, as in, “Choosing decent clothing is really not difficult, but it does require some knowledge. I’ll give you 5 simple tips today.

After you deliver your content, follow the same course of action. Review the most important lessons from the video and instruct viewers on what to do next (such as visit your website for additional information or make an appointment for a free consultation).

Choose the Right Length

Regarding the ideal duration of your videos, there are different schools of thought. Longer videos are better for SEO, but you must offer a lot of value for people to watch your material for such a long time. Shorter videos are simpler to watch and easier to “sell” to viewers as far as time commitment is concerned. The best way to determine the ideal length for your messages to be delivered is to test it out on your target audience.

Promote, Promote, Promote

A good YouTube video is more than just something that is well-filmed and has nice content. Also, it is well promoted so you may maximise your efforts. Make sure to spread the word about the value you are offering:

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  • Spend some time creating a catchy title, a compelling description, and a strong thumbnail image.
  • Post the video to each of your social media accounts.
  • Brand your YouTube channel to let users know more about what you have to offer.
  • So that people can find you quickly, optimise for SEO. Read these SEO hints for videos.
  • To ensure that your audience continues to see more of your content, ask them to subscribe and enable notifications.
  • Utilize it and repurpose it wisely over time in various channels and social media platforms.

This will benefit you.more YouTube viewers and subscribers.

In Summary

A great tool for promoting many different types of businesses is YouTube. But it does require some planning and analytical thinking. Make sure your video material reflects the same high quality as your products or services by taking the time to learn about quality standards for video marketing.



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