How Do I Backup & Restore My Blogger Theme/Template?

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How Do I Backup & Restore My Blogger Theme/Template?

A simple blogging platform is Blogger (Blogspot). Many settings can be managed and controlled by even non-technical people. It’s not as difficult to install a new blog theme (template) as novices might think. Recent noteworthy updates made by Blogger to enhance blogging. While some options have changed, many new ones have been added. The ability to restore the Backup Blogger theme is one of the new features (template). Fix that right away if you wish to use a different Blogger theme. The process of creating a backup and uploading a new Blogger theme takes less than five minutes. I created a visual display to help you understand each stage.

Why You Should Backup of A Blogger Theme?

Create a backup of your Blogger theme before making any major adjustments. Whether you are aware of it or not, stored changes to the Blogger theme cannot be undone. You must thus create a backup of your Blogger theme. After making some changes, if the Blogger theme breaks, you can easily go back to the working article. If the new music does not function, bloggers who forget to backup their Blogger theme before installing a new one can be dissatisfied. Sadly, they are unable to return to the previous theme, menu, widgets, or customizations.

Steps to Backup Blogger Theme

  • Log in on the Blogger dashboard.
  • Select a blog from the drop-down menu. (The general public, who often only maintain one blog, may not have access to this option.)
  • From the drop-down option, choose Theme as your theme.
  • An inverted drop-down button is connected to the Customize button. Click on it to open the drop-down menu.
  • Backup is the initial choice. To choose it, you must click on it.
  • The Download option will be displayed in a pop-up window. Clicking this download button is advised. The computer’s hard drive will then download an XML backup file.
  • How to Restore Blogger Theme in Steps
  • A theme backup can be restored. All of them begin with the same initial four steps.
  • The fifth choice is to restore. . Click on it to choose it.
  • The Upload option will appear in a pop-up window. The Upload button needs to be clicked. Locate a backup theme and upload it in order to restore your blog.
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Steps to Backup Blogger Template

  • In the old Blogger interface, the Blogger theme was known as the Blogger Template. Enter the Blogger dashboard. Click the down arrow symbol to the right of the post icon. Go to the Template tab after that. After then, focus on the top-right corner. The Backup/Restore button to the left of the gear is a symbol.
  • Next, select the orange icon for downloading the complete template.
  • Click the Browse button and choose a Template file to upload a new template. then select Upload from the menu that appears just below the file browsing option.
  • Hit the Close button when you’re done.


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