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How Can You Increase the Life of Your iPhone Battery?

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How Can You Increase the Life of Your iPhone Battery?

  While Apple iPhones have never been known for having a lengthy battery life, they have always been quite pleasurable to use. The battery life of your iPhone significantly decreases if you begin adding apps and using it for activities like social media and streaming. How can you prolong the life of an iPhone’s battery? If you are diligent, you can extend the life of your iPhone to a day, but what if you have an especially long or late workday? The battery life of the iPhone will be significantly increased by the following few suggestions.

How to Save Battery on iPhone?

Use an Extra Battery Case

External battery packs are less simple to use than battery cases for iPhones. Instead of carrying an additional battery, you may keep your iPhone in its case at all times. There are also a lot of excellent solutions available.

One of the best covers for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s is the Mophie Juice Pack Air. Because the battery case is more streamlined than those of its rivals, you can keep the iPhone’s slim profile and compact size even when a second battery is inserted.

When employed, the case can also offer a battery charge greater than 100%. Additionally, it looks far nicer than the original Apple battery cover with the unsightly hump on the rear. You may get an iPhone 6 and 6s battery here.

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The Juice Pack Wireless is an excellent option as well. You may pick it up in a box with the charging station and use it to wirelessly charge your iPhone 6/6s.

 Optimize Your Settings

Certain features use up your battery more quickly than others. One of the first things you should do is dim the screen to extend battery life. Drag the Brightness slider to the left of the Control Center to achieve this (swipe up on the screen to open Control Center).

While turning on Auto-Brightness can help with power conservation, the technology is not intelligent enough to handle difficult situations. For instance, you might notice the system quickly increases the brightness needlessly while your iPhone’s shopping mode screen is looking at a lamp on the ceiling behind you.

Wi-Fi usage should be increased. Switching on Wi-Fi and establishing a connection to an access point saves more energy than mobile internet connectivity.

Use Low Power Mode

The Low Power Mode, which is available in iOS 9 and later, should always be used when your iPhone’s battery is less than 20% and you need it to Before you can charge it, keep it on for a few more hours. The functionality of your iPhone are constrained by Low Power Mode, but it will keep the device powered for longer.

When the Low Power Mode switch is turned on under Settings > Battery, the phone automatically lowers its brightness, disables pointless system animations, and even limits performance to save power. Additionally, it will limit the ability of some programmes, like iCloud and Mail, to sync in the background. Moreover, AirDrop and Continuity are automatically turned off.

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These are only a few of the actions you may do to increase the battery life of your iPhone. You would not have any trouble getting through a complete day, even a long one, on a single charge if you give them a try.




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