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How Can Write Protection Be Removed From A Pen Drive?

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How Can Write Protection Be Removed From A Pen Drive?

Different types and sizes of pen drives make it easier for users to share and save data. Users mostly use pen drives to store a lot of private data, and they are very popular. However, due to their sensitivity and availability, pen drives are vulnerable to corruption for a variety of external and internal reasons. The users get the error message “Write Protected Pen Drive.” In this section, we will go through in detail how to remove the write protection on a pen drive and offer a few options to handle this mistake without losing any data.

Reasons for Write Protected Pen Drive

Let’s look at the causes of write protection on a pen drive before learning how to remove it. There are many causes for write protection on pen drives, including virus infestations, write protection switches, security settings, or read-only mode, among others. The most frequent cause is a virus infection. The anti-virus software that is installed on the system is sometimes set to automatically scan when a user plugs a pen drive into a PC or public computer. The USB drive becomes corrupted with some useless files as a result of automatic scanning modes, creating a write-protected pen drive. So that the data on the pen drive is not lost, it is advised to always set an anti-virus programme to manual scanning mode.

Protected by write The user must take preventative measures to fix the problem because pen drive does not allow users to access any of the pen drive items.

How to Remove the Pen Drive’s Write Protection

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See if Pendrive has a write protection feature. Some USB drives that are included with pen drives contain a mechanical switch that switches them into Write Protected mode. Therefore, users must check to see if the switch is not in write-only mode in these cases and, if it is, unlock it to obtain access to saved data.

Verify the size of a USB drive; if it is close to reaching its permitted size limit, a write protected error may occur. Delete unwanted or superfluous files if the problem is oversizing in order to prevent a pen drive write protected error.

Incorrect registry values can also result in pen drive write-protection errors, which demands the following fixes:

  • Select “Start” and bring up Open a dialogue box
  • By pressing Enter, type “regedit.”
  • How can I locate this address in the directory?
  • Click “HEKY LOCAL MACHINE” twice.
  • Launch SYSTEM, then double-click CurrentControlSet.
  • Select storage under the Control option in the menu.
  • Now select “Modify” from the left pane by performing a right-click on the “Write Protect” option.

The Edit Word wizard will now launch, and you can check to see if the value data digit shows 1.1 levels, which indicates that the pen drive is 110 percent “write protected.” By replacing the 1.1 numbers with 0 volumes, we can solve the issue since 0 digits fully signal that a pen drive is not “write protected.”

Now that you’ve finished this procedure, you may easily access all of the data on your pen drive.

  • Find “Write Protect” by searching for it. Remove it. Use the same steps to replace “HKEY LOCAL MACHINE” with “HKEY CURRENT USER” if it doesn’t exist.
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If the write protects error is still present, your pen drive most likely has corruption that needs to be fixed. You must rely on an external solution to fix the write protected issue in pen drives after trying all manual options. There are many programmes that make it possible to recover data from pen drives, but fewer tools provide a solution to the write-protected pen drive issue.

Pen Drive Recovery Tool

The most popular product on the market for recovering data from pen drives, regardless of their size or error problems, is a pen drive recovery tool. The tool’s internal data recovery algorithms allow for thorough pen drive data recovery without any loss or modifications. the ability to recover even permanently erased data and help in overcoming all errors.


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