How Can Post Search Descriptions Be Added? SEO for bloggers

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How Can Post Search Descriptions Be Added? SEO for bloggers

You have the great and important option to add a post search description on Google Blogger, also known as Blogspot, but it must be pertinent to your blog post. Both readers and search engine bots must read the post-search description. It’s a fantastic chance for your blog. However, if you are unsure of how to add a blog post search description, see our guide.

Since there was no option before 2012, it was impossible to add a post search description to Blogger or Blogspot. A few experts gave some tips at the time for include meta descriptions in blog posts. However, most beginners to the blogging world were unable to use it properly.

Blogger first tested and then debuted this feature in the middle of 2012. An SEO-friendly feature is a post search description. However, it does not ensure that you will appear on Google’s first page of results. Your content can only score highly when search engine bots identify it as unique, original, and useful.

If you consider what a post-search description is and its benefits. After that, there is a visible response. A summary of the post that appears in search results is given in the post search description. The post summary’s benefit is that both searchers and search engine bots can read it.

Enable Search Description on Blogger/Blogspot

The steps below should be followed to allow the ability to create a search description for future posts if you cannot see it while using the post editor. All you have to do is change the settings for Blogger’s search options.

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  • Visit the Blogger Dashboard
  • On the left sidebar, select the Setting menu.
  • then select Search preferences.
  • Look for the Meta description tag.
  • Click the Text Edit button.
  • To enable the search description, select the Yes radio option.
  • Fill up the box here with the search description for the blog’s home page.
  • Select “Save changes” from the menu.

You’re finished! Please refer to the screenshot that has been posted below.

Add Post Search Description on Blogger/Blogspot

  • Look in the right sidebar while you’re creating a post for the Search Description option, which is as follows:
  • A box where you may type the search description will display when you click it.
  • Type the post summary in roughly 150 words, then hit the Done button.

Benefits of Search Description

  • When you share a post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or another site, it appears. How? 
  • The blog will see an increase in natural search traffic.
  • More readers leads to more organic traffic.
  • More readers equate to greater revenue from monetization systems like AdSense.

I think this post will be helpful to you and show you how to increase the traffic to each of your posts. Remember to express your opinions.





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