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How can I join a Zoom meeting for an online class on an Android phone?

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How can I join a Zoom meeting for an online class on an Android phone?

To make learning simple and interruption-free, it is simple and easy to attend a Zoom meeting via Android in this online learning. The steps for joining a Zoom meeting on Android for online classes or a class on the Zoom Cloud Meetings Android app are provided below.

You can read this post on how to join a class on Zoom using a PC if you do not have an Android device. It will walk you through each stage of the joining a class on Zoom process.

How to Enter a Zoom Meeting on an Android Device

The following are the steps for using an Android phone to join a class on Zoom Cloud Meetings:

Install the Zoom Cloud Meetings

  • On Android phones, first download and install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the Google Play Store.
  • Joining a class on Zoom Cloud Meetings does not require you to sign up or sign in with your email address and password (or social login). Until you decide not to host a meeting with other people, you can sign in, but it is not required.
  • When you need to join a meeting, you must enter the Meeting ID and Password that the right teacher has given.
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How to Get Meeting ID and Password?

Your professors may provide meeting information, such as the meeting ID, meeting URL, and password, through a variety of channels, such as email, WhatsApp, or other social media apps. Details of a sample login meeting for you.

Ways to Join a Class on Zoom Cloud Meetings

Using Zoom Meeting Link

  • The Zoom Cloud Meetings app will open as soon as you click the meeting link.
  • You must enter the student’s name on the next nag screen.

Using Meeting ID and Passcode

Students may also use the Meeting ID and Passcode to join a class on Zoom cloud meetings as an alternative.

  • Open the Zoom Cloud Meetings app on your Android device and then type the Meeting ID.
  • Then, type the student’s name.
  • Then, select the Join Meeting button.
  • Fill out the meeting passcode.

You can join a class using either of the two methods on Zoom Cloud Meetings, but your teacher needs to let you in. A student won’t be able to engage in class if this isn’t the case.

If you can not get into the class, speak with your teacher right away and ask to be let into the following or current class.

These were the easy steps you had to do in order to use an Android phone to join a Zoom conference.

Etiquettes to Join a Class on Zoom

  • You must mute your voice as a participant so that only everyone can hear it clearly. You can unmute when instructed to do so.
  •  If the teacher tells you to use video mode to make a link online, you can activate it.
  •  You can also view the total number of participants by repeatedly scrolling your screen.
  • Participants can also raise their hands by just clicking on the raise hand features. If you need to ask your teacher a question, want to indicate your presence, or want to give attendance, just raise your hand.
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Before I discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using Zoom Cloud Meetings on Android, I’d want to  start by talking you the benefits of Android.

Advantages of using Zoom on Android

  • Because Android phones are lightweight and easily transportable, you may quickly join a meeting at any time or location.
  •  If you do not want to reveal your face or if you are joining with a cup of tea in your hand, you can easily use the back camera feature on Android phones to instruct or join.
  •  With a wide price range starting from 6000 and going up to more, Android phones are economically advantageous and easily attainable by all parents.
  • Compared to your desktop or laptop, you can experience a superior connection with your Android phone even with the cheapest data plan.
  • . Simple to use features on Android phones compare to a desktop or laptop, and you can quickly understand and become familiar with the capabilities.

Disadvantages of using Zoom on Android

  • However, there are a few difficulties to using Zoom Cloud Meetings on Android phones:
  • The first and most important one is that Android phones allow you to simultaneously view up to 4 participants.
  •  Not all films and PPTs available through the Zoom cloud meetings app are compatible with Android phones.
  • Since youngsters are particularly familiar with the capabilities of Android phones, their closer proximity and unrestricted screen time can have a negative impact on your eyes. As a result, kids move to different gaming apps after class as a source of entertainment and fun.
  • Because youngsters can use Android phones indefinitely, their brains are negatively impacted, which results in a progressive decline in their ability to think.
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The Zoom Cloud Meetings app for Android phones has the following specific benefits and drawbacks.


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