Five Ways Technology Can Change the Rental Property Trade

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Five Ways Technology Can Change the Rental Property Trade

When you own multiple rental properties, you have even more duties and responsibilities to manage as a landlord. You could launch a rental property company. You have to promote your property, deal with the paperwork, respond to tenant issues, and more for this.

Fortunately, the appropriate technology can simplify your activities and help you save money and time. The methods listed below will help you use technology to grow your rental property business.

The Effects of Digital on the Rental Property Industry

Virtual property tours

The virus has altered how business is conducted. People today, for instance, meet online rather than in person. Rental homes also fall under this category. As a result, you are spared the time-consuming task of showing prospective tenants your house. You will be able to provide possible tenants a complete look of your home without needing to perform an in-person tour by using 360 virtual tours.

Smart home technology

To draw in more excellent tenants, you ought to equip every one of your flats with smart home technologies. For your rental property, some of the best smart house changes are listed below:

Smart locks: Security is typically the primary focus for tenants. Renters can monitor who enters the home and remotely grant entry thanks to smart locks. Smart locks also give you or your property manager the option of remotely giving access to potential buyers for house viewings.

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Smart burglar alarms: When you install these alarms, you’ll be quickly informed if someone breaks into your property.

Smart bulbs: These are LED lights that have additional software to connect to applications or a home automation system so that renters can manage them remotely. Also, these bulbs provide extra comforts such dimmable features, motion sensors, and further energy savings.

Keeping good income and expense records

Let’s face it: For the majority of business owners, tax season may be difficult. If you don’t keep good records of your income and expenses, the problem gets much worse. Consider using accounting system to avoid such a situation.

You may view your income and spending at a glance using a number of accounting software solutions available to owners. Spreadsheets in Excel are one of the free options.

Your business’s finances and your budget will be the major determining factors in selecting the best accounting software. Working with a property management company is an option, though. In addition to assisting you in keeping track of stock for each property, your property manager will send you financial reports directly

Online tenant payments

The most of tenants would like to pay their rent online, so providing them with this option can be a great selling factor. This is due to the fact that they will save a tonne of time by not having to fill out checks and come to your office to pay them.

You will earn from this as a landlord as well because you can control all payments. Because everything is recorded online, any issues or discrepancies are simple to resolve.

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Online marketing tools

If you only use ads in newspapers to promote vacant properties, you may find a few tenants, but you’ll miss out on opportunities to find more excellent tenants.

Use the following web marketing advice to attract more renters and fill those empty flats:

List your properties online: Some of the well-known online listing sites are craigslist and zillow. Make sure to add several images and detailed descriptions of each property’s amenities when you list your properties.

Create a website for your company: If you want to grow your rental property business, you should seriously consider creating a website. To build your website and list your properties, you can use a platform like Blogger.

Be platform: Post clear images of your properties along with a link to your website on social media channels. For customers to find you easily, you might want to use hashtags as well.

Bottom Line

As a landlord, you have a never-ending set of duties, from keeping up with contracts to responding to tenant repair requests. For this reason, you should use the developments mentioned above to enhance how you manage your business.


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