Five ways for extending the life of your smartphone battery

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Five ways for extending the life of your smartphone battery


Nothing is more irritating than getting a low battery message while you’re in the middle of a crucial call. Or the battery icon that starts to glow right before you need to send a crucial email. But these inconveniences are a common feature of using a phone. Do you want to know how to prolong the life of a battery? We’ll provide you with some phone battery-saving advice.

Many of us have come to learn that our phone batteries can’t always keep up as we have grown more dependent on them. Our batteries drain more quickly than we can recharge them as we use them more frequently. This is a concern in particular if you have to be out of the house without access to a charger.

Do you know how to extend a phone’s battery life? Did you realise that, among other things, network access affects your battery life significantly? Even when you are not on a call or utilising mobile data, this is still true.

Looking at your phone’s power usage trends will show you that using mobile data when in standby frequently drains the battery quickly. In general, utilising mobile data will drain your battery faster than Wi-Fi. Also, switching from one tower to another consumes more energy. Let’s examine ways to prolong your phone’s battery life.

How to Save Phone Battery?

1.Review your usage

Since the big charge, Android makes it quite simple to monitor how your apps and settings are taking up your battery life. Examining which components are consuming the most power is the first step in optimising battery use. You’ll discover that the overall power consumption of apps is roughly equivalent to that of your phone’s hardware. To prolong battery life, look at the apps that consume the most power and remove any that are not being used.

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2.All about the network

The network you choose has an impact on both your calling and data experiences as well as how long your battery lasts. Your battery life will be longer the stronger the signal is that you receive. Your phone will need to expend more battery power to communicate with the closest cell tower if there is poor signal strength. As a result, your battery does not last as long in this situation, and you consider battery preservation strategies.

Therefore, having a network with good strength and coverage makes sense. Airtel offers its customers a stable network experience and has extensive network coverage throughout the nation. According to an Ookla analysis, the Airtel network was accessible throughout more than 99 percent of India

Connecting with a powerful and widely available network can help you get the most of your phone experience.

3.Optimize screen brightness

The main pain when it comes to device power usage is usually the screen brightness. A screen that is too bright can use more energy than is necessary. The best course of action is to either activate an automated screen brightness optimizer or keep your screen brightness as low as possible.

4.Minimize the use of GPS

While GPS makes using many different apps simple, it has a negative impact on battery life. You can create settings to turn off GPS most of the time for maps and other place apps. As a result, you will be able to collect a lot of battery life.

5.Take stock of night-time use

You do not need a dozen apps running in the background when you go to bed. You may extend the life of your battery by turning off data or even putting your phone in flight mode at night.

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How to extend the battery life of a mobile phone is the key. I hope you take use of these suggestions!


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