Blogger’s Guide: How to Invite New Authors to Blogspot

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Blogger's Guide: How to Invite New Authors to Blogspot

To regularly post new articles, team blogging is a good idea. Learn how to set up a team blog or invite extra authors to your blog in this post. A small team, company, or group of friends could write to one blog and accomplish their goals faster.

New blog authors may be invited by the owner of a Blogspot blog. The blog administrator is another name for the blog owner. You can send invites to multiple authors at once.

The blog administrator can designate the specific author as an admin with the same privilege after receiving confirmation that they have accepted the invitation through email from the author. Only giving admin access to a trusted individual is advised. Admin has the power to remove posts and the blog altogether.

Other members with only author access are always free to write, edit, and publish new posts.

The only person with the power to edit or remove posts from other authors that have been published, scheduled, or prepared is the blog admin.

A blog’s settings and templates can only be changed by the admin. The success of team blogs depends on time management.

Invite More Authors on Blogspot

Log in to your Blogger dashboard, then click on Settings.

To access permissions, scroll below.

To invite more authors, click the link.

To invite more authors, enter one or more emails, then click the Send button. Email addresses must be separate with commas.

You may see pending invitations in a similar way. By clicking the X button, you can reject the invitation.

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The button to accept the invitation shows in an email sent to the invited users. For him to accept your invitation, he must click on it.

After clicking the link, invitees are given access to further information about your blog.

When an invitee accepts, his email will appear in the blog’s admins and authors section.


You can grant admin rights there. The Admin can be chosen from the drop-down menu by clicking on the Author.

Giving admin powers is not advised because he can remove the blog and all of its content with that role.

Clicking the Save button is the final step.. You’ve finished.

All of it comes down to welcoming more writers to your blog.

Add Authors on Blogspot (Old Interface)

You can still follow the advice for adding writers to Blogspot by using the old Blogger interface.

Start by going to Blogger Draft Settings Basic Permissions Blog Authors Add authors.

Add the email addresses in the box after a comma, then select Invite writers.

You’ve finished. Members who have been invited get a request in their email. An invitee confirms the request by clicking the link provided in the email.

Following confirmation of the request, the author’s name and email will be added to the list of Blog Authors.

Any author can now request admin access from the blog’s administrator. Don’t give untrusted users the admin role. They can erase your blog and content. Themes, tools, and settings for blogs are also accessible to them.

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Summing Up

Google Blogger enables group blogging. Running a team blog or website for small and medium organisations is professional. An online partnership is ready to rock with a maximum of 100 members invited.


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